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As an industry leader, Chicago Music Exchange is often referenced and recognized by the press when it comes to gear news and vintage guitars. With the most knowledgeable vintage experts in the industry, we are a regular go-to source when it comes to vintage gear and the ongoing movement to allow musicians to buy, sell and trade gear at fair prices.

Chicago Music Exchange also has the most beautiful guitar showroom in the world which attracts local musicians, vintage collectors along with many of the biggest rock stars in the world. You never know who might be stopping by. Between having the growing startup right next-door and regular celebrity sightings, almost every day is a newsworthy event.

  • NFIB

  • March 17, 2014
  • There’s a social media powerhouse on North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. On the outside, Chicago Music Exchange — a retailer of new, used and vintage music equipment — appears to be a relatively unassuming store on a well-trafficked street with some pretty cool guitars in its window. Nothing about its facade would suggest that it’s the gold standard of social media marketing for independent businesses Read more...

  • Bass Musician Magazine

  • November 1, 2013
  • Bass players are treated like the middle children of rock music, feeling ignored while their siblings get all of the attention. As a result, bass guitars and gear often get little more than a tiny corner of a guitar shop staffed by people with only a cursory knowledge of all things bass. Read more...

  • Grid Business

  • October 31, 2013
  • Search “guitar riffs” on YouTube, and you’ll find a muscular dude in a Chicago Music Exchange T-shirt plowing through 100 of the most recognizable licks in rock ’n’ roll history. In one take, Alex Chadwick, 29, works seamlessly from the 1954 classic “Mr. Sandman” all the way to St. Vincent’s 2011 hit “Cruel.” It’s transfixing, virtuosic, an exercise in tip-of-the-tongue recognition. Read more...

  • Music Inc. Magazine

  • October 28, 2013
  • The mix of gear is already supported strongly by , a website Kalt launched in January 2013, where musicians and dealers can buy, sell, or trade used gear. At press time, the site had done about $1.2 million on 3,500 transactions. With Reverb only taking 3.5 percent of each transaction, Kalt said that the goal of the site is to remove the price friction that exists in such platforms as Amazon and eBay. Read more...