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Meet the Repair Shop

We specialize in high-end woodworking, fret replacement, neck resets, full vintage restoration, biasing, retubing, transformer upgrades and more. Broken acoustic braces or even major reconstruction is not a problem. We'll even replace a string if necessary. We've seen and repaired just about everything you can think of – serving everyone from beginner guitarists to our favorite rock stars.

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Repairs, Restoration & Customization

Whether you're a once-and-a-while-player or a rock star, we treat your instrument with the same respect and attention to detail. We want you to be blown away by the quality of our work.

No matter what your guitar or amplifer needs may be, our expert repair techs are here to help.

Extra attention is spent guaranteeing that all the guitars and amplifiers that come through our repair shop get the best treatment. We also specialize in guitar electronics and custom circuitry to really bring out the tonal properties of your guitar.

Stop by with your guitar or ship it in to our master repair specialists. We'll give you a free estimate.

Don't forget, we buy used and vintage guitars of all varieties!

Our Repair Shop is open:
Monday - Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

Call us at 773.525.7773 or email