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Whether it’s used or vintage, mint condition or a little beat up – we would love a chance to make you an offer. The best way to accomplish this is for you to list your gear on Our buyers are constantly scouring Reverb for gear and it’s really your best option for a few reasons:

  1. Get your money faster. When you accept an offer on Reverb, you can get paid same day. Selling direct means shipping the item to us and then receiving a check in the mail after we receive the item, which could take days.
  2. A larger audience means more bids. We do our best to offer top-dollar for your gear, but on, there’s a good chance that other buyers out there are looking specifically for your item and are willing to outbid us.
  3. Avoid shipping hassles. If you don’t feel comfortable shipping gear yourself, choose to sell to buyers in your area. When you sell your gear on, you can select “local pickup only” as an option and avoid shipping hassles entirely.

Interested in appraisals or a trade? We do appraisals for vintage, used and new instruments and we are always up for a trade if you’re interested. Click here to fill out the appraisals form or call 888-686-7872 to speak to a gear expert.

What do you have? While our focus is typically vintage guitars and basses, we also buy amps, effects, drum kits, cymbals, specialty instruments and more.

Looking to sell a collection? There are very few buyers who are interested in or able to purchase an entire vintage guitar collection. We are definitely interested! Contact us to discuss your collection today 888-686-7872.