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Gig-FX Subwah Multiple Wah Pedal for Bass Guitar



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From Gig-FX:

Most Wah pedals lose the low end of your guitar signal. They are limited by the inductor (filter) which has a relatively narrow bandpass (frequency range). Gig-fx employs a unique filter circuit with a wider range in order to enable the pedal to sweep from a low, funky bass response to a crisp high end without losing any of the famous mid tones that Wah pedals can provide. This wider range gives the pedal a much more expressive ping, quack and talk capability and also ensures that none of the vital low end is lost when the Wah is engaged. The SUB-WAH can respond all the way down to below low B making it one of the few Wah pedals with a such a powerful and expressive sweep.

When we designed the SUB-WAH, we thought it would be an easy off-shoot from the famous MEGA-WAH. We were wrong. Two years of hard work later, and after intense product testing and feedback from some of the most respected bass players out there, we ended up with the funkiest and most melodic Wah and Envelope filter ever produced for bass players, bar none. The end result is endorsed by the King of Funk, James Brown's Bass player extraordinaire, Bootsy Collins, Theeramjam, Luis Espaillat, Mike McClean and many others.

The all-analog SUB-WAH has four onboard settings via a four-position selector switch:

  • A classic Wah with the highly sensitive sweep characteristics and deep bass tones.
  • The Signature SUB-WAH setting with the extended filter range and full low-end response and warm high-end. Has more bass response than some amps can handle. On this setting you might need to turn the sensitivity or gain down a bit!
  • The funkiest, most melodic and talkative automatic Envelope Wah on the planet.
  • An Auto-wah with a variable rate control.

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