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This Henretta Engineering Planetarium is in great shape and working condition. 

From Henretta:

The Moody Blue Reverb is the next no-knobber from Henretta Engineering, and it sports a larger enclosure that allows the more complex circuits we've been wanting to design and release. The Moody Blue uses the well-known Belton "brick" digital reverb module, surrounded by all analog circuitry that keeps your dry signal away from any digital processing. We've tweaked the circuit and provided internal control to give you a wide range of reverb sounds inspired by those classic amp spring reverbs we all love so much. It can do subtle and snappy, surfy, ambient bliss, and everything between. Internal trimmers control the reverb decay time, the reverb volume, and the dry guitar volume.

Based on the classic Phase 45 circuit responsible for inspiring many mega hits from the golden years of rock, THE GOLDEN YEARS Phaser is the perfect companion to your already crowded pedal board. An internal trimmer will allow you to set your favorite speed, and then you can just focus on playing your guitar while having access to chewy phase-shifting goodness with a quick worry-free stomp.

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