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John East U-Retro 3-band Preamp - Chrome



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The U-Retro 01, based on the J-Retro 01, is a universal highly flexible on-board dual input preamp and EQ system. The standard pots have 10.0mm threaded bushes to allow rear mounting in the wood of a bas body, or 6.0mm bushes, for plate or scratch plate mounting, can be supplied to special order. Flat wire connections to the pots and toggle switches allow for flexible layout. its high quality circuit uses three stacked knobs and includes an active blend circuit plus a 3 band equalizer with bass, variable frequency mid, treble and bright function. The active blend circuit prevents the loss associated with many passive basses where, when both pickups are up full, the signal from one pickup feeds into the other and vice versa. However, a switch is included to allow a passive equal mix of both pickups as this can give a subtle difference in sound. A second switch allows some basic passive modes with some useful settings too. Each pickup input has its own individual input amplifier, each with a gain trim adjustment preset. This means that pickups of different types and output levels can be readily matched without compromise.

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