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Keeley Son of Fuzz Head



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From Keeley:

Our newest pedal is an update to one of our classics. The Fuzz Head was great for us. Released about 10 years ago now, it got a lot of attention, acclaim, and for many years, a great number of sales. So, it’s time for the father to pass the torch to another generation. This era’s Fuzz Head is designed by a company with a tad more experience under their belt. The new circuit retains the differential pair of transistors that made the original Fuzz Head so great, but from there, we made updates to virtually everything else. The Son of Fuzz Head has a completely redesigned tone control and for the first time, an external control. We also built in a JFet Tube Amp simulator for even more touch responsiveness and organic drive sound. The toggle switch on front now disengages the diode clipping to offer a second, more “overdrive” mode. What you get is a pedal that can be a very high output, touch responsive, extreme fuzz, or a very unique overdrive. It really kind of takes all of the best things from our various drive/distortion/fuzz pedals and combines them in a new package. To make things even better, we hired artist Cal Schenkel, artistic collaborator of Frank Zappa and designer of MANY great album covers to do drawings for this pedal. Put it all together and you get a very fun product and one we couldn’t be more proud of.

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