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Orange Crush 20LDX w/ Tuner & DFX



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All the features of the CR20L with additional Digital FX including Reverb, Chorus, Flange, and Tremolo.

The Orange Crush PiX CR20LDX amplifier has the legendary Orange basket weave Tolex, woven speaker grille, beading and legendary hieroglyphs (PiX) and of course the Orange signature picture frame edging. But it's not just cool looks, plug into this great little Orange Crush amp and you'll soon realize it is Orange through and through.

  • Volume
  • EQ: Low Mid High
  • Overdrive
  • Gain
  • Integrated tuner
  • Effects: Reverb Room Reverb Hall Reverb Spring Reverb Chapel Hall + Delay Delay 100 ms Delay 175 ms Delay 300 ms Delay 650 ms Chorus slow Chorus Fast Flanger Slo Flanger Fast Tremolo Slow Tremolo Fast Vibrato
  • Effects Level
  • Headphone Socket
  • Input
  • Aux In
  • Overdrive On/Off
  • 8" Speaker

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