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RJM Mastermind MIDI Foot Controller USED



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This RJM Mastermind PBC Pedal Switcher is in great shape and working condition. 

Get your pedalboard under control!

The MasterMind is the ideal companion to the Effect Gizmo, Rack Gizmo and Amp Gizmo. It is designed to work flawlessly with RJM products and will also control other standard MIDI equipment. With the MasterMind, you’ll have full control of your entire rig with the tap of a button!

With the Mastermind MIDI, you get:

  • “Plug and play” operation with RJM Music products
  • Can control any number of RJM products at the same time
  • Works with all standard MIDI devices
  • Can control devices on four MIDI channels at once (even more when using Continuous Controller
  • Phantom power capable: the MasterMind only needs a single cable to carry
    both power and data when connected to another RJM Music product (or other
    phantom power capable product).
  • “Instant Access Mode” allows you to control both presets and individual
    loops on the RG-16 or Effect Gizmo
  • “Alternate Preset Mode” doubles the number of presets you have access to
    (when used with other RJM products)
  • Two or more MasterMinds can be used together and synchronized. Have controllers
    in different stage locations, or have one on the stage and one with a tech.

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