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Tubular Mods Juice Box Attenuator USED



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This Tubular Mods Juice Box Attenuator is in great shape and working condition!

The Juice Box is a small and straight forward attenuator for tube amplifiers. It has one knob  no switches, no lights, no battery. It allows you to adjust your tube amp's volume at the speaker level from 100% to 0% from a roar to a whisper and everything in between. Play your tube amp in it's sweet spot without hurting your ears or angering your neighbors.It's perfect for getting the right volume in every situation, without sacrificing your tone.

The Juice Box contains a 100 watt L-Pad. However, since tube amps often put out more peak wattage than they advertise, if you are going to run your amp wide open, I recommend it for tube amps up to 50 watts only. The Juice Box has one input and one output. Run your tube amps 8 ohm speaker out into the Juice Box. Run a second speaker cable from the juice box to your speaker or cabinet and you're ready to rock.

The Juice Box doesn't alter your amps basic tone. It also doesn't thin it out. Like most attenuators, there is a slight reduction in treble frequencies if you drop the volume by more than about 50%. This is easily adjusted at the amp's format end, however. Just dial in a bit more treble.


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