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October 17, 2013

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Dweezil Zappa Masterclass at Chicago Music Exchange

At Chicago Music Exchange, we are always looking for new opportunities to reach musicians.  We want to connect with young people picking up their first instrument as well as veteran guitarists and touring artists.  Last week, the Dweezil Zappa Masterclass allowed us to bring together a diverse group of musicians for an incredibly unique event.

Dweezil Zappa, son of the late-great Frank Zappa, is currently on tour playing the entire Frank Zappa album “Roxy & Elsewhere”, as a part of Zappa Plays Zappa. During the tour, Dweezil Zappa is offering 90-minute instructional guitar sessions.  On Thursday, October 10 – preceding his evening show at the Copernicus Center in Chicago – Zappa came to the Chicago Music Exchange for this event.

Guitarists of all ages, who had pre-purchased tickets for the event, gathered in the Chicago Music Exchange Bass Shop (a newly renovated space that can be used for private events such as this) to learn from and be inspired by Dweezil Zappa.

The event was entertaining and educational.  Zappa urged guitarists to experiment, find their own sound and not shy away from the strange and unusual.  The session was interactive and fun, and many of us Chicago Music Exchange staff members found ourselves stopping by to observe and learn as well.

When the subject of Zappa Plays Zappa came up – Dweezil explained in perfectly.  When a symphony plays Bach or Beethoven, we don’t think of them as a cover band.  We appreciate that a talented artist is willing and able to keep the music we love alive.  We couldn’t agree more.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen