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September 06, 2013

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Chicago Music Exchange: An Instrument of Inspiration

Sitting on a bench outside of Chicago Music Exchange, you can observe an interesting phenomenon.  People slow down and peer through the windows – heads tilted and eyes wide with obvious intrigue.  Musician or not, what they see inside catches their attention.  Small children are almost always drawn toward the displays, mothers explaining, “Yes honey, those are guitars – that’s how music is made!”

That’s how music is made.  Such a simple statement, but probably the best summary of what Chicago Music Exchange is all about – making music, influencing sound, and pushing artists to the next level.


Pat Sansone from Wilco dropped in on our photo shoot this week.

The funny thing about Chicago Music Exchange is that when you walk through the doors, you are so overwhelmed by the space – wood floors, antique rugs, plush couches, chandeliers, a vast living room of floor-to-ceiling electric guitars, new and vintage – that there is something you don’t notice.

Some of the greatest musicians of our time are shopping here right along side you.  That’s what makes Chicago Music Exchange so different from other guitar stores.  Yes, Chicago Music Exchange is a store, but it’s also an experience.  We have seen artists find inspiration here.  We have talked musicians into trying new pickups, experimenting with different effects pedals, or even into switching from acoustic to electric – decisions that have resulted in songs and albums that many of us know and love.

If you are a musician living in Chicago and you haven’t been to Chicago Music Exchange, you are missing out on a hidden gem right in your backyard.  A guitar store that feels like a museum or an art gallery.  A destination where people lose themselves for hours in a playground of incredible sights and sounds.

If you are musician and you don’t live near Chicago Music Exchange, it just might be time for a little vacation.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen