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Mumford & Sons Talk Vintage Guitars at Chicago Music Exchange

Marcus Mumford and Ted Dwane of Mumford and Sons stopped by Chicago Music Exchange yesterday morning to search for a few new instruments to take with them on the road. Both Marcus and Ted have an affinity for vintage gear and get really excited to visit the shop every time they pass through Chicago.

Marcus Mumford pictured with his new (to him) 1967 Fender Telecaster.

Marcus was on the hunt for a new (to him) Fender Telecaster, something with some Springsteen vibe. After picking and playing several iconic teles, he stumbled across this really unique piece that just found its way to Chicago Music Exchange two days prior. It’s a 1967 Fender Telecaster in a blonde finish. What really sets this guitar apart from the others is the modified pickup in the neck. The original pickup was replaced with a vintage Gibson Patent Number pickup that really gives this guitar a screaming rock n’ roll sound.

Ted and I (Chris Hershman) sat down in our bass guitar room and began to discuss his journey becoming a bass player and his ongoing search for the right instrument. In his early years at university, Ted played guitar as his primary instrument and decided to take up double bass (upright and electric) to maximize his ability to play as many gigs as possible. Ted recalled the early days when he and the band were playing small venues and how elated he was to get his first endorsement. Unfortunately new manufactures are unable to provide Ted with vintage instruments that he’s keen on, which leads him to our shop where there are an abundance of great vintage bass guitars.

Below, Ted is pictured testing out this 1970 Fender Jazz bass in an Olympic White finish that he ended up leaving the store with. Ted explained that ever since he bought his first vintage Jazz bass several years ago, he’s been constantly on the search for other great vintage basses. The 1970 Jazz bass Ted picked up had beautiful binding all the way around the neck and a color matching headstock. You could really tell Ted was feeling this bass, especially after tying several other classic basses such as the Hofner Violin bass and a ’70s Gibson EB-2, he always came back to Jazz bass.

Ted discussed what he was looking for in the instrument. Something that you can vibe and play with ease as soon as you get it in your hands. He searches for that bass that fills the air and lays down an incredible low-end presence in mix. Ted explains that his favorite feeling during a live show is feeling that low-end rumble come through the stage he’s standing on. He says (in his very english accent) that “feeling” your sounds is the one of the most electrifying feelings in a performance as a bass player.

Both Marcus and Ted left with great vintage guitars and claimed to be inspired and satisfied with their recent transitions to a more electric rock sound. We’ll have to wait and see how these guitars influence their next album.


Marcus playing a C&C Custom Drum Kit

The neck pickup has been routed for and replaced by a Gibson patent number humbucker.

Marcus Mumford

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen