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Devi Ever Shoe Gazer Muffy Fuzz Review (Sound Clip)

Chicago Music Exchange teams up with local music artist to bring you reviews and demos of the latest and greatest gear on the market. Enjoy this sound clip and written review of the Devi Ever Shoe Gazer Fuzz by Shelby P. of Minor Characters.

The Devi Ever ShoeGazer Fuzz is a wonderful combination of versatile Fuzz tones and all around noise. The Torns Peaker side of the pedal provides a true classic fuzz tone range and stands up to its name. TP gives you everything from a light fuzz drive to a thick and beefy tone that is comparable to the Big Muff. The Soda Meiser offers you a more compressed tone that in my mind would be comparable to the Fuzz Factory, however with a little more control due to the lack of knobs. This is actually a benefit in my mind, keeping the SM side very simplistic in its execution. With both switches engaged, depending on the setting, the pedal allows you to obtain a very fuzzy synth tone that I particularly enjoyed. This setting alone was enough to make me pine over the ShoeGazer. Luckily, it is still very affordable for all of the features you are getting in one stomp box. Highly recommend this pedal! 

Shelby plays guitar for the chicago-based band, Minor Characters. Click HERE to listen and connect with their music.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen