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September 30, 2013

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Your Resource for Collings Guitars

About Collings Guitars

Collings is a guitar manufacturer based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 1973 by Bill Collings. Bill Collings is a renowned acoustic guitar aficionado whose instruments have been regarded highly for decades. With a background in engineering, Bill Collings brings a perfectionist quality to the manufacture of his guitars.

Collings guitars pay homage to the classic American guitar models of the 20th century while maintaining the small-shop quality and attention to detail that larger manufacturers are often unable to achieve. Each Collings guitar is handcrafted by an expert using high-quality materials and components. Acoustics take about three months to make, from the time the specs are written to the time the guitar is shipped.

Collings acoustic guitars Collings guitar sound hole Collings acoustic guitars

There are limited numbers of these guitars made every year and there are limited numbers of stores that carry these extraordinary instruments. Chicago Music Exchange is one of those stores. Browse our selection of Collings guitars here on our website or visit our incredible showroom in Chicago, IL and try one for yourself.

What Sets Collings Guitars Apart?

Collings acoustic guitars are truly in a class of their own. From afar, a Collings guitar may seem similar to any other classic American acoustic guitar. But take a closer look and you will see the difference is in the details – from grained ivoroid binding to herringbone trim and nickel Waverly tuners – it is obvious that the quality of a Collings guitar is far beyond that of your average acoustic guitar.


Collings guitars are not only stunning, but they sound impeccable. What gives a Collings acoustic guitar its amazing sound? Wood quality. The wood that Collings uses is incredible. When you play a Collings guitar you will know immediately that you are holding a different class of instrument, and the wood is that difference. Colling guitars are known for their booming, woody tone. The sound is rich and balanced and the playability is excellent.

Who Is Playing Collings Guitars?

Artists who choose Collings guitars run the gamut of musical genres – from classic rock and blues, to country, swing, bluegrass, jam-band, singer-songwriter, gaelic/celtic and more. Collings players are individuals; often crossover artists with a unique style and the need for a powerful acoustic instrument. For instance, bluegrass flatpickers competing with the sheer volume of the banjos and fiddles in their bands, tend to choose the Collings D Series guitar as their go-to instrument.

Some notable Collings players include:

  • Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident plays a Collings CL Deluxe
  • Billy Nershi of The String Cheese Incident plays a Collings I-35
  • Patti Smith plays a Collings 01 SB
  • Zac Brown plays a Collings I-35 LC and a Collings City Limits Jazz
  • Lovin' Spoonful founder John Sebastian plays a Collings 290
  • Keith Urban plays a Collings 290
  • James Valentine of Maroon 5 plays a Collings I-35 Deluxe
  • Marcus Mumford plays a Collings MF5 mandolin
  • Ross Holmes of Mumford & Sons plays a Collings D3
  • Lyle Lovett plays a Collings D41 Baaa A Sunburst and a Collings CJ SB
  • Steve Twigger of Gaelic Storm plays a Collings CJ Mh SB
  • Adam Aijala of Yonder Mountain String Band play a Collings D1
  • James Bowman of Against Me plays a Collings CL
  • Singer-songwriter Jill Sobule plays a Collings Baby 2H
  • Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues plays a Collings D3
  • Pete Townshend of The Who plays a Collings OM3
  • Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile plays a Collings 01 SB
  • Brad Whitford of Aerosmith plays a Collings City Limits Deluxe
  • From the incredible acoustic guitars, to electrics, mandolins and ukuleles, Collings instruments are a favorite among the best guitar players in the world.

    Chrissy Hansen
    Chrissy Hansen