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April 24, 2014

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Used Guitars: The Future is Bright

Used guitars are an important part of our business here at Chicago Music Exchange. But did you know that used guitars are also critical to the sustainability of the instrument industry AND the environment as a whole?

Guitar manufacturing contributes to the clear-cutting of sitka spruce forests. That’s obviously not good for the environment or the future of guitar making. (The 2013 documentary Musicwood highlights this situation in detail if you’re interested in learning more.)

So where does that leave us? Well, we believe that buying and selling used guitars helps to recycle the high-quality materials that already exist. Musical instruments used to be a true investment – something worth saving up for. Just ask Paul Reed Smith what he thinks about the ‘throwaway’ mentality of recent generations when it comes to everything from guitars to home appliances. He’ll tell you that part of the thrill of buying a guitar in the 1960s was that it was always a moment you remembered.

We see this trend returning. Instead of buying a $300 guitar on a whim, musicians are doing their research and finding the best instrument for them – whether it’s a new custom-made guitar or an incredibly unique used guitar that they find on

The best part is, when individual sellers are able to get top dollar for their used guitars and pedals, they have more money to invest in high-quality new gear. CEO, David Kalt comments, “I want to help bridge the gap between what a musician deserves for their used piece of gear and what they’re currently getting for it”.

This booming used guitar reseller market is creating an incredible new crop of gear manufacturers – bringing us boutique guitars, handmade tube amps, and hand-painted effects pedals. Appreciation for the quality of vintage and used guitars is actually facilitating the resurgence of a demand for that same level of quality in new gear!

So, keep selling your used guitars and we’ll keep buying them. Because with vintage and used guitars setting the quality standard, the future of gear has never been brighter.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen