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May 02, 2014

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10 Signs You're A Gear Geek

Do you consider yourself a gear geek? You love gear, you worship vintage guitars, you keep up with all the latest effects pedal trends, and you scoff at anyone with less commitment to gear knowledge. If you are a gear geek, you will likely relate to many (if not all) of these common gear geek-isms. Here are 10 Signs You're a Gear Geek:

1. You see everything in Fender colors.

You would describe the color of your car as sonic blue. Your bike is definitely surf green. And you’re pretty sure your girlfriend’s nail polish is fiesta red.

2. The difference between a 1958 and a 1959 Les Paul neck is so obvious.


To the untrained eye they may look similar, but you know an R8 neck when you see one. You don’t even need a tape measure.

3. You keep your Strymon TimeLine, Mobius and blueSky presets backed up on a secure hard drive.

You’ve spent years perfecting hundreds of presets, modulation machines, loopers, spring algorithms, pitch effects…come to think of it, is that hard drive fire-proof?

4. Your web search history consists almost exclusively of

How else would you find out from dozens of trusted strangers who have endless amounts of free time what gear to love and what gear to hate?


Always one click away from the perfect gear.

5. You have bought and sold the Fulltone OCD more than 3 times.

You love it. You’re over it. You miss it. You need it. You love it. You’re over it. Wait, does the latest version have a new LED? You NEED IT.

6. You secretly laugh at relic guitars.

Ok, sometimes you catch yourself gazing longingly at a heavy relic Stratocaster. But seriously, it’s like buying a pair of new jeans already ripped to give the illusion that you’ve been “living the hard life” when the reality is, you drive a Honda Civic.

7. You’ve done hours of research on the foam compound of your guitar stand.

You’re practically a certified chemist when it comes to neoprene foam, chlorine compound emissions and the toxic effect on nitrocellulose finish. Musician. Researcher. Scientist. Your skill set knows no bounds.

8. You can spot the difference between nitrocellulose lacquer and polyurethane from up to 30ft away.

Can’t everyone? Geez.

9. You are obsessed with David Gilmour’s…Muff.

Every guitarist has been on a quest to achieve the ever-elusive Dark Side tone for decades via the legendary EHX Big Muff Pi. You are no exception. 

10. All of your pedals are True Bypass. Obviously.

Content contributed by Matt Kashuda / Written by Chrissy Hansen

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen