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June 12, 2013

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CME Films presents our own "God of Thunder" playing the Gene Simmons Kramer Axe Guitar

Chicgao Music Exchange's own, Chris Hershman, and Gibson guitar sales guru Joel Bauman pull off another incredible/funny/inspirational film. This time featuring the Kramer Gene Simmons Axe Guitar. This 1980s Aluminum Neck Kramer signed Axe is from a super limited run, and although this is "122/1000" Kramer never made 1000. Letters to and from the owner of one of these guitars and Kramer are included inside the case which says that Kramer only made about 25 guitars and approximately 175 basses.

Chicago Music Exchange's own "God of Thunder" playing the Gene Simmons Kramer Axe Guitar:

What do you need to make a film such as this (other than a crazy rare Kramer Axe)? A Nikon DSLR, smoke machine, laser show, Kiss Gene Simmons costume, make up artist and two talented dudes. If you're not familiar with the Chris and Joel's work, check out our YouTube channel for hundreds of killer guitar and pedal demonstrations and specifically the super entertaining Batman Goes Crazy in Guitar Store video.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen