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July 10, 2012

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100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N' Roll) Video Goes Viral!

Our own Alex Chadwick's 100 Riffs video has gone viral. When David Kalt and Alex Chadwick came up with the idea to give a brief rock n' roll history lesson through Alex playing 100 famous guitar riffs in one take, they had no idea what would happen over the next few weeks.

The video, hosted at, was posted on June 3rd. For its first three weeks, it was enjoyed by fans of Chicago Music Exchange and radio stations like WXRT and KROQ acquiring 75K views, a very successful video by our standards.

Then, it happened: the video went viral. On June 29th, 100 riffs landed on the homepage of, the next morning it was on the front page of, MSN, and numerous blogs. On July 4th, we watched in awe as 100 Riffs climbed from 700K to 1.5M views. This year, we were cheering for more than fireworks.

The 100 Riffs video has been shared on Facebook and Twitter by hundreds of thousands of people. It has been featured on an ever growing list of sites from around the globe - CBC, NME, Guitar World, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone Spain, MTV Brazil, Village Voice, MSNBC, Ultimate Guitar, Digg, Gawker, Open Culture, and many, many more.

Alex has been on NPR's Weekend Edition, and his schedule for appearances is filling up fast.

What's next for Alex? He wants to create a series of lessons demonstrating how to play the riffs. He's been inundated with requests asking what pedals and settings were used for each riff and loves the idea of sharing what he learned while preparing for the 100 Riffs film.

200 Riffs? Perhaps! Alex is trying to decide whether to do another 100 as a follow up or some genre specific riff collections, or go even bigger and try for 200. Whatever he decides, we're excited for his next big project.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen