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December 09, 2011

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Bon Iver stops at Chicago Music Exchange

Bon Iver paid a lengthy visit to Chicago Music Exchange today on their way to their long-awaited show at the UIC Pavilion.

Justin left with one of our favorite guitars the beautiful and mysterious Red Meyers 1965 Polaris White Gibson SG Junior.  The name, Red Meyers, beautifully engraved on the original pickguard of this SG Junior makes it stand out, but it’s also a very clean guitar overall that plays great and carries with it an obscure piece of music history (so obscure that we can’t figure out who Red Meyers is).

Rob, who also plays with Anthony and the Johnsons, chose an awesome Charcoal Grey '67 Fender Telecaster. Michael picked up our super cool 60's Baldwin Burns Baby Bison Bass (say that 10 times fast). Drummer, Matthew McCaughan, hung out in our new Drum Shop and fell in love with a beautiful Gretsch Full Range Rosewood 8x14 Snare Drum. They truly enjoyed their visit, and everyone left with a cool new toy.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen