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January 15, 2012

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Eric Johnson rocks Chicago Music Exchange!

Eric Johnson spent some time with Chicago Music Exchange before his show at the House of Blues.  EJ is a guitar nut, so when CME heard he would stop by,  we were excited.

Once he arrived, he went straight for our vintage acoustics. “It’s all about the old wood,” he said smiling as he coaxed unworldly tones out of a 1940 Martin 000-18.  Next it was vintage Gibson, starting with a 1945 J-45 “banner” model, then onto several other golden age examples.

He did eventually get around to the electrics. Starting with a 1958 Gibson ES-335.  Then onto the holy grail, “the burst”, our 1960 Les Paul Standard.  Plugged into a 1957 Fender Bassman turned up to performance volume, he treated us to an impromptu master class in Les Paul tones.

“Listen to each note as the sound envelope is delivered,” he said while switching from one vintage guitar to another.  We quickly determined that all his favorites, were indeed, our favorites, too.

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen