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September 10, 2014

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September Staff Picks

September Staff Picks

Chicago Music Exchange staff members always have the scoop on the latest new, used and vintage gear. Check out this September's 'Staff Picks':

Dan Albert

Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone Analog Phaser

Albert's Pick

"I am normally not a phaser guy. I've always felt like there was either way too much or way too little of the effect. Then I met the Wombtone. The plethora of knobs, toggles, and dip switches may look intimidating, but they can dial in the exact tone that you hear in your head, and push it out of your amplifier. If that isn't enough, the warm, syrupy analog tone blows away the stale phasers that are on most of our pedalboards these days. I give this pedal five out of five fetuses, and I can't wait to see which pedal Joel from Chase Bliss perfects next!"


Drew Kavanaugh

Limited Fano Alt de Facto RB6 in Black Bull

Drew's Pick

"This limited run Fano Alt de Facto RB6 in Black Bull simply rocks! With a rich, creamy Lollar mini-humbucker in the neck, and a nice and articulate Lollar '52 tele style in the bridge, this guitar has a huge tonal span with simple control layout. The neck's worn 50's profile is super slick, and feels perfect without being "fat and chunky". Great attention to detail in all aspects, a super playing guitar with a unique vibe. I think that this guitar is 'Fano'-tastic!"


Rob Andre

Gretsch USA Custom 14/18/26 3pc Kit

Rob's Pick

"I recently had the pleasure of sitting behind and playing this custom ordered, Gretsch USA kit. This kit includes a 14x10 Rack Tom, 18x16 Floor Tom, and 26x14 Bass Drum. An 8x14 Snare Drum is available separately. Gretsch drums are already famous for their big sounding maple drums, but when you add some large dimensions in to the mix, you get a loud, boomy, warm, fat tone that only big American all-maple drums can deliver. This kit features die cast hoops, Gretsch USA classic lugs, internal mufflers, heavy duty modern spurs, white marine pearl bass drum inlay, classic looking diamond floor tom brackets, and one-of-a-kind black/gold satin duco finish. There are big drums, and then there are these drums. Please inquire to Chicago Drum Exchange for questions and custom orders."


Marc Najjar

Sandberg Umbo Hardcore Aged Creme

Marc's Pick

"Sexy, versatile, and comfortable. This beast can handle just about every riff you throw out it with clarity and precision. The Sandberg Alnico pickups pack quite a punch and work perfectly in sync with their 3-way tone preset switch (covering Jamerson to Harris to JPJ). In addition to that, the range of tones goes on and on and on.


...and on."


Brian Westfall

Supro 1624T DualTone 24W 1x12 Combo

Brian's Pick

"The new 1624T Dual Tone, part of the new, New York-made Supro amplifier line, is an incredible value. The guys over at Supro got it right by keeping it simple with this homage to the mythical, but modified, “little blue amp” that Page used on those early Led Zeppelin recordings. I plugged a Tele in and was rewarded with great note separation and a full tone – even as it was pushed into medium gain territory. Tremolo and linkable channels (which allows for more gain) add to the versatility. Basically, the Dual-Tone is a lightweight, simple-tone machine that is made in the U.S., priced around $1200, and with enough good-looks to make your guitars jealous!"


Dan Jarvis

Limited Edition Fender Classic Player Rascal Bass in Ocean Turquoise

Dan's Pick

"This is one of the coolest basses Fender has released in the last decade. They completely reimagined the classic Precision and Jazz Bass designs and came up with this amazing retro looking Rascal. It plays like butter and the range of sounds you can get from these three lipstick pickups is great. The five-way pickup selector allows you to go from punchy punk rock bass right to smooth jazzy low-end with the flick of a switch. These pickups sound great clean, but they’ll pair well with just about any effect pedal you want to run them through, as well. The Rascal is easily my new favorite from the Fender “Classic Player” series, and one of the best basses you’ll find for under $1000!"


Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch