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October 28, 2014

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Batman & Robin Join Forces at CME

Starring Joel Bauman in his return as Batman & Andrew Wittler in his debut as Robin.

Something you should know about Chicago Music Exchange: we LOVE making YouTube videos. Sure, we like to demo guitars so that you can hear them in action. But sometimes we let ourselves get a little more creative...

In October 2012, Batman came through Chicago Music Exchange to demo the Bolin Joker guitar in the video "Batman Goes Crazy in A Guitar Store" (see below). His visit is remembered by staff as a whirlwind of terror and hilarity and has been a CME fan favorite ever since. We figured it's time for a followup.

This Halloween, Batman & Robin have joined forces to bring miracles and mischief back to Chicago Music Exchange in this CME original film. Watch Robin earn himself a much-deserved spot on the CME team, while Batman struggles to find his place. From helping out around the store and lending a hand in the repair shop, to stepping in when Batman crosses ethical (and legal) lines - Robin shows us the path of a true hero.

Batman Goes Crazy in a Guitar Store (2012)

Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen