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November Staff Picks

September Staff Picks

Chicago Music Exchange staff members always have the scoop on the latest new, used and vintage gear. Check out this November's 'Staff Picks':

George Coutretsis

Bedell Earthsong Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

George's Pick

"Upon first sight, this beautiful Bedell guitar will take you on a journey of the American landscape. Using only American harvested woods, this environmentally conscious orchestra model features a sitka spruce top, and the very underrated and misunderstood big leaf maple for its back & sides. The maple gives the guitar beautiful chime and clarity, while the spruce warms everything up. The balance of these tone woods gives the guitar incredible balance and projection. The neck is a hair on the slim side, making it a breeze to play. An all solid wood, U.S.A made guitar, under $1500 with a K&K pickup?? Do yourself a favor." 


Matt Margeson

DW Jazz Series 4pc Kit 13/16/18/24

Matt's Pick

"I'm absolutely feeling this awesome DW Jazz Series kit with Cherry and Gum shells! If you're into warm deep sounding drums this is definitely the kit for you.  I couldn't help but notice the incredible tuning range on the toms, along with a modern vintage feel that is apparent due to the gorgeous Lacquer finish on the entire kit. New gear inspires me, and when playing this kit I didn't want to stop! This kit is definitely one of my personal favorites in the shop right now!"


Marc Najjar

Dictator Cabs 2x10 Bass Cabinet, Black with Sapphire Grille

Marc's Pick

"These new beasts are hitting the scene with full force! They sound massive, punchy, and defined while maintaining a classy and stunningly-unique vibe (and surprisingly lightweight!). 100% made in Chicago, the 2x10 pictured here is definitely a force to reckon with, and it has a VERY friendly price-tag!"


Drew Wittler

1960 Gibson Les Paul Special Cherry

Drew's Pick

"Les Paul Special Double Cutaways to me are like Kevin (McCauley Culkin) from Home Alone.. often forgotten, but truly special (and mischievous!).  They are the perfect marriage of tradition and unconventionality- classic Gibson looks that fit somewhere between an SG and a Les Paul proper but with P-90 pickups that are more punchy and twangy than hi-gain rocking humbuckers. This one in particular has a naturally aged cherry finish with its fair share of dings and scrapes- some of which are touch-ups from a previous owners addition and subtraction of rhinestones that once covered it's top (what 54 year old hasn't been covered entirely in rhinestones at one point, am I wrong!?).  Apart from looking incredibly badass, this guitar also sounds and feels great.. it has 2 single coil P-90's with a three-way pickup selector, an all mahogany body and a super comfy slim 60's neck.  If you feel too gluttonous to buy this one for yourself, the holidays are coming and I am accepting generous donations at this time."


Dan Albert

Swope Geronimo Knock Around Relic in Metallic Blue

Albert's Pick

"We don't see many truly original guitars here at the Exchange, so the Geronimo really took us by surprise. From the Original Geronimo pickups, "funk bump" option for cocked wah sounds in the middle position, and a plethora of other wiring options, this one really takes the ribbon for one of the most unique instruments in the store. All the gold standards of quality craftsmanship are here as well, especially in the perfectly finished frets and super-tasteful "knock-around" finish. What I wouldn't jump off to own this guitar..."


Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch