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April 01, 2014

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SaündFraud Skill Killer Pedal

Looking for an effects pedal that eliminates the need for actual skill? Then you'll love the SaündFraud Skill Killer pedal. The SaündFraud Skill Killer pedal takes whatever you're playing and supplements the quality of your skill with something much more advanced.

The SaündFraud Skill Killer pedal is great for anyone who plays guitar poorly, or likes guitars, or thinks it would be cool to play guitar. Basically, if you don't have time to practice or you don't really like 'learning new things', this pedal can remove that whole tedious process and make you sound like a pro!

This demo features Chicago Music Exchange vintage expert, Daniel Escauriza, taking the incredible SaündFraud Skill Killer effects pedal for a little test drive.


Chrissy Hansen
Chrissy Hansen