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April 04, 2015

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The Modern Vintage Look and Sound is Back: C&C Maple Gum Egg Nog Cream White Kit

The Modern Vintage look and sound is back, and tastier than ever in this 3-piece C&C Maple Gum Egg Nog Cream White kit! When Chicago Drum Exchange asked the fine folks over at C&C Drum Company if they would be interested in replicating the iconic maple gum shell, there was no doubt that the drums would be built with excellence and a true appreciation for the golden era of American Drum Building. The result is a full, classic, versatile, and musical drum kit that will inspire you to get your fatback groove on, ya dig!

When I first sat behind the Egg Nog kit, I could not help but appreciate how simple, yet stunning, the High-Gloss finish came out. I prefer wrap finishes myself, but the High-Gloss is modern and quite beautiful. The simplicity of the lug design, mounts, and bass drum spurs allowed me get completely lost in the modern vintage vide. C&C has been at the forefront of a "no BS" approach to making drums, which absolutely resonates with me.

Speaking of resonating...

These drums SING! Wow, I mean Levon Helm tone - wow! The kit consists of a 13x8 rack tom, 16x15 floor tom, and extremely punchy 22x12 kick drum. The maple gum shell offers a really warm and open sound with plenty of tuning range. C&C make toms that offer an attack that is extremely deep and musical, which is ideal for studio and live situations. The versatility of the 13" and 16" toms are due in part to the full contact bearing edge, which are cut from the inner ply downwards for an enhanced attack. If you are looking for a fat tom sound with tone this kit is for you! The bass drum is just as fun to hit as the toms. The 22" kick is full, punchy, and delivers plenty of boom for a 22x12 cut. The shallow cut is lightweight, yet very present. Playing the complete kit was an incredibly fun and inspiring experience. The look and feel of the kit is classy, warm, and undeniably perfect for the drummer who wants sonic versatility.

The Modern Vintage sound is alive and well here at Chicago Drum Exchange! We wholly recommend getting behind a maple gum C&C kit today.

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Matt Margeson
Matt Margeson