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September 11, 2013

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Fuzz Off: Bass Fuzz Pedal Shootout

Get ready for a good ol' fashioned Fuzz Off! Alex takes us on a journey through several bass fuzz pedals for the ultimate shootout. He starts with the original, clean sound of the 1962 P Bass in Blonde, then dives right in...

First up, we have the Death by Audio Fuzz War. Talk about NASTY fuzz! This pedal is heavily distorted and "oh so thick". The sound is truly dirty. The internal drive control has been removed, and there is an added fuzz knob on the face of the pedal that can take your fuzz from minimal to the extreme.   

Next up is Devi Ever's Ruiner. The Ruiner is what you get when you combine two dark boosts for increased nastiness. While you may think this would create a very dark, haunting sound, it actually makes a highly compressed fuzz that goes great with bass lines. 

Moving on down the line, we come to JHS Pedal's Pandamonium. The left side has a special SVT preamp/overdrive and on the right formula fuzz. The preamp has a sound that has held up through decades of use on stages and in studios across the world. It can bring a lot of new sounds to a lifeless rig as well creating new tones that you might not have imagined you could get.

Fourth on the list, we enter the world of Electro-Harmonix with the Bass Big Muff Pi. This bad boy gives users the great distortion that Big Muff is known for. Tailored for basses with no loss of low end, this is a sound many have waited for. 

Last but not least, comes the Zvex Woolly Mammoth. The PINCH knob can be used to drastically alter the harmonics while the WOOL knob adjusts the fur around the knob. The EQ knob turned to the left adds lows while softening highs. Turn it to the right and you can add highs, then mids and reduce lows. The final choice is the OUT knob which is great for a smooth setting. Bottom line, this pedal is sensitive and touchy with a wide variety of sounds and knobs to play with.

Alex gives you just a taste of what can come from this wide array of bass pedals. Like some, leave some. But whatever you do, get your fuzz on with one of these pedals and tell us your thoughts!  

Colleen Harvey
Colleen Harvey