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April 15, 2015

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April 2015 Staff Picks

Chicago Music Exchange staff members always have the scoop on the latest new, used and vintage gear, and we love to tell you about it all. Check out April's Staff Picks:

Dan Albert

Carr Mercury 8W 1x12 EL34 Reverb Combo Custom 2-Tone Cocoa & Cream

Albert's Pick

"We are so happy to be a Carr amps dealer, and even more thrilled that tone purists no longer have to compromise when selecting an amp to play around the house! The Mercury has wattage selectable from 8, 2, half, and a tenth of a watt, so you can get whisper-quiet, or still have enough output and headroom for small club gigs on the 8-watt setting. The selectable boost allows you to bring in the gain when the moment calls, and the built-in reverb gives you space, even when you aren't in an ideal room. This thing is hot!"


Drew K

Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Stratocaster Journeyman Relic Olympic White

Drew's Pick

"This guitar is so sweet. It's got a super comfy, vintage feel with some great modern touches. The fat 60's pick ups sound wonderful, it's got a slick feeling neck, a sublime relic, and overall, just feels "right". It won't be for someone that likes particular years or re-issues, but strikes me as as a great amalgam of a few. The heel cut makes upper fret access a bit easier, and the compound radius is perfect for exaggerated bends. To tell y'all the truth, every Fender Journeyman that we have gotten in, both Stratocasters and Telecasters, have impressed me greatly. Hats off to Fender's Custom Shop on these! Come in and try one!"


Marc Najjar

1962 Fender P-Bass in Olympic White

Marc's Pick

"I'm pretty sure that this bass has all of the mojo in the world. Like, some wizard extracted all of the mojo from across the lands and sprinkled it all over this thing.

It's light, resonates extremely well, and has the warmth that I look for in a P-bass. The finish has aged to a very interesting yellow, and the neck is perfectly broken in!"


Brian Westfall

Gretsch G6136T-LDS White Falcon

Brian's Pick

"The 'LDS' in the Gretsch White Falcon G6136T-LDS stands for “lacquer finish” with “Dyna Sonic” pickups. While Gretsch was adding letters to the nomenclature of this fine instrument they should have added “BRM” to stand for beautiful, rare and majestic. The cream nitrocellulose lacquer finish has a depth and visual tone to it that is frankly stunning and also allows this bird to “breath” and resonate freely acoustically. The Dynasonics have sweet mids and highs and perfectly capture the natural woody, full-body acoustic sound of this beauty. Add to the mix the vintage style Bigsby Tremolo and the “flight motif” inlays and you can see why this is revered as the 'Cadillac of guitars'."



RBH Monarch 10/12/14/16/22 Mahogany 5-piece Kit

Sarah's Pick

"This RBH Monarch kit was love at first sight. The 3 ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shells with the re-rings give it a gorgeous warm vintage tone and the hand stained finish will knock your socks off. It gives great hugs, too."


Dan Jarvis

1963 Epiphone Professional Semi-Hollow Cherry with Original Amp

Dan's Pick

"In the early ‘60s, shortly after Gibson took over Epiphone, the company made this unique semi-hollow guitar called the Professional. It came with it’s own proprietary amplifier that connected to the guitar via a primitive 5-prong cable. This one is a 1963 model that included a 35 Watt 1x15” combo and is in amazing shape for its age. There are some nice checking lines throughout the finish and the neck feels just right. All the controls for the amp are conveniently placed on the guitar’s pickguard including built-in Reverb and Tremolo. The mini PAF humbucker sounds incredible and can get you a ton of different sounds vis the 5 “Tonexpressor” switches. For a single pickup guitar this thing can get you everything from twangy surf tone to a fat humbucker tone. Not many of these were produced so finding one in this condition with the original amplifier out in the wild is a rare treat!"


Chase Paul

1973 Fender Mustang in Competition Red

Chase's Pick

"It's always fun to wrangle some wild vintage tones and this Mustang delivers them the the wagon load. This 1973 Fender Mustang in Competition Red is not just beautiful--it's a great feeling and fast playing guitar. It has the sought after vintage mojo to make any player fall in love."


If you were curious about what the staff at Chicago Music Exchange was into, there you have it! Guitars, amps, kits... We've got plenty of gear to fall for. What's your pick this April? Check out our selection of recently arrived gear and share this month's favorite with us in the comments. Happy browsing!
Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch