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May 01, 2015

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Hot Rod Your Guitar - Round I

On Thursday April 23rd, our Repair Shop took over the bass floor at Chicago Music Exchange. Usually, the Repair Shop crew is known for being the behind-the-scenes masters and sound. Not this time! They were up front and center, ready to lead the crowd in the ultimate goal of achieving "That Tone".

Our first ever Hot Rod Your Guitar event was an exciting night for the store. Master Technician, Darryl Chabot, hosted as MC and all around sound expert. Guitar techs, Phil Glodek and Alec Johnson, did on the spot pick up swaps behind him. Joel Bauman sat closely by to demo all of the different guitar sounds being showcased. 

The night began with an eager feel in the air as excited tone seekers filled the room. The repair shop explored pickups from Lollar, Bare Knuckle, and Fralin as well as Callaham hardware. It was incredible to hear the multitude of sounds achieved with different tools. Time and patience were given to explaining each pickup while the live demonstration allowed for the audience to not only learn about each tool, but to hear it for themselves.

After an intense hour and a half of informative speaking, Darryl opened the floor to questions, and the audience jumped right in, wanting to learn even more. It was a wonderful night, paving the way for future events like this one.

The night ended with two exciting giveaways; a stunning set of Imperial Pickups from Lollar Pickups and another prize for a free setup at our Repair Shop. As the crowd was exiting, the enthusiastic buzz around the room was noticeable. And we can't wait to do it again!

For more information on our amazing repair shop, please visit here or come on in to the store.
For information on upcoming Chicago Music Exchange events, see our Events page.

Colleen Harvey
Colleen Harvey