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August 07, 2015

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CME Gives Away Custom Martin Guitar Courtesy of The Nature Conservancy

Elephants are one of the most magnificent creatures to ever wander this world. From deep family bonds to living in tight matriarchal family groups of related females, they are undeniably fascinating. They are incredibly intelligent with memories that span many years. They display signs of joy, anger, play, and even grief. This is only a tiny piece of what makes these animals so magical.

Chicago Music Exchange is proud to be working together with Martin Guitars and The Nature Conservancy in an effort to raise funds and awareness for their work on the ground in Africa to help protect elephants from poachers. Martin has made and donated a beautiful custom Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy Guitar with elephant footprint fret inlays and an elephant drawing on the headstock. The interior label certifies that it created in honor of Satao, a famous wild elephant that was killed by poachers last summer. We are honored to be giving away one of only two guitars like this one in existence.

Enter the giveaway today!

To learn more about Martin's work with #saveelephants, visit their site here.

Please visit to learn more about The Nature Conservancy's work and to sign up to take action.

To learn more about the Elegram project, visit here. It's simple!

  1. Make an elephant (doodle, paint, food- almost anything counts)

  2. Upload a photo of your handmade #elegram here or share it on social media

  3. Donors match your #elegram with funds to protect elephants! 

An #elegram from CME's eCommerce Manager, Alyssa Welch:


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Colleen Harvey
Colleen Harvey