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September 30, 2016

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5 Guitar and Amp Pairings from Chicago Music Exchange

How often do you order up the perfect burger, only to have the waiter report they're out of your favorite beer?  How about the time you laboriously prepared a pot of Guy Fieri's Dragon Breath Chili and discovered your only beverage option to be a half gallon of full-fat chocolate milk?

Most things in life are best in pairs, though only when one complements the other. Like fine wine and chocolate, breakfast cereal and cartoons; red velvet cake and bow hunting for deer!

Speak of the devil, here's a few of our favorite pairs and why they make the day a little brighter!

Guitar and Amp Pairings Round #1

Chris Siska - Customer Service 

Caparison TAT-FX paired with an EVH 5150III

"Though this guitar and amp combination is versatile (believe it or not), there is one thing this combination does best: It delivers a thunderous, bold, pronounced tone that can only be compared to a roundhouse kick square in the chest by a horse. Yes, it's that good."


Anthony Vaccaro - E-Commerce 

'76 Fender Stratocaster simultaneously paired with a '73 Twin Reverb into a 2x15 Fender Bassman Cab and a Peavey Standard 500-watt PA Head into a Marshall Silver Jubilee 4x12

"The Strat has such versatility in tone between the pickups and an added metal nut. The coupling of the Fender and Peavey covers the two ends of the tonal spectrum. Can rip the short quick distortion like mid ’80s Black Flag/Minor Threat, to the glass-like clean tone found on famous country and rock records à la Buddy Holly/Stephen Malkmus. Also being loud is what it's all about. (Beatles did it first)"


Shelby Pollard - Guitar Sales

Fender Jazzmaster paired with a Deluxe Reverb

"My favorite amp/guitar combo is a Fender Jazzmaster through a Deluxe Reverb. I am sure this shocks you all... but when it's good, it's good. Pure cleans and transparent overdrive makes this pair a winning combo. Whether you are going straight in to an amp or the biggest pedalboard you can imagine, these two play nicely together in any situation."


Kevin Mandell - Shipping and Receiving

Peavey T-40 paired with a Sunn Coliseum Bass through a Ampeg 8x10 and Sunn 2x15

"This allows me to get a very gnarly fire-breathing doom tone. However, it keeps a really nice clean signal when you're not running a bunch of effects. I use this rig for live shows and recording. Inspiration for getting this setup include Sunn0))), Cloakroom, Russian Circles, and Tiny Fractures."



John Periaswamy - Guitar Sales

Music Man Axis paired with a Friedman Butterslax Bill Kelliher Head 

"For me, the neck is perfect. Round, thin but not flat, asymmetrical profile, narrow nut width, and raw maple. The pickups are like hot PAF's but retain clarity especially in the middle position. If you put a treble bleed cap on the volume pot, you have a lot of tone variation for a two pickup/3 way switch guitar. Great obviously for rock/metal, but I used it at a Live Band Karaoke gig and it held up when I did Folsom Prison Blues and Fly Me to the Moon.  (The Friedman) Three channels, excellent clean channel, warm, fat distortion on channel 2.This would be enough, but wait there's more. Channel 3 is over the top high gain, but still warm, not harsh. I could use this one amp for any gig."


What are some of YOUR favorite Guitar/Amp pairs?  Any thoughts on these pairs? No? Well go grow a pear and get back to us!


Brad Althouse
Brad Althouse