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September 03, 2015

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The 37th Annual Chicago Jazz Fest

Labor Day weekend is approaching, and we're sure between grilling out and assorted weekend adventures, your schedule is pretty booked. We encourage you find some time to make it downtown, because something fantastic is happening: the 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival.

The 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival kicks off today, September 3rd, and it boasts an incredible line-up of jazz musicians in Chicago's renowned Millennium Park. After all, the festival's in its 37th year, so it's gotta be doing something right. The Chicago Jazz Fest offers a broad sampling of the genre, from traditional to avant-garde.

(And, you can't beat free admission!)

So - you've been to Jazz Fest. What now?

If you dug the traditional jazz performances, we'd recommend checking out our selection of archtop guitars. Archtop guitars have an iconic look and sound, and you can't beat their classic jazz tones. Jazz legend Wes Montgomery was a fan of the classic Gibson L-5 CES, Gibson’s first guitar with f-holes. Will you follow in Wes Montgomery's footsteps, or forge your own musical path?

Spend a nice, long weekend at the Chicago Jazz Festival, and enjoy all that Chicago's vibrant jazz scene has to offer. Visit Chicago Music Exchange afterwards, where we can channel your inspirations into an instrument built for the genre. Enjoy your weekend!

Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch