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October 14, 2015

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October 2015 Staff Picks

Chicago Music Exchange staff members always have the scoop on the latest new, used, and vintage gear, and we love to tell you about it all. Check out October's Staff Picks:

Matt Kashuda

2015 Lothson LA Signature Solid Body in Cherry Sunburst

Matt's Pick

"My pick is the Lothson LA Signature. This is like taking a time machine back to Kalamazoo in 1959. This one has got one of the fattest necks i've ever played and I love it. The notes just jump out of the neck, and it has sustain for more than a few days. The BKP Mules are nice and sweet sounding too!"


Ryan Quilty

70s Ludwig Vistalite 13/16/24 3pc Drum Kit in Blue

Ryan's Pick

"This mid-70s Vistalite kit was my baby for about ten years; toured, recorded, and made some memories with it. Don't let anyone tell you Vistalites don't record well. Some of the best tones I ever got were on these drums, and this 24x14 kick will give some 26's a run for their money. It's got just enough "character" that you don't have to be afraid to take it out, but it's still in great shape, with the original "do not drill" sticker from the factory on the floor tom. If you want a punchy, resonant, intimidating rock kit that looks amazing with lights behind it, this one is calling your name. She needs a good home!"


Brian Robertson

Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz

Brian's Pick

"My favorite piece of gear right now is the Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz. This is a perfect pedal for bass for doom/metal/heavy tones. It is easy to figure out and extremely controllable. Best of all it doesn't feedback leaving the player the option to play however they want. One can play articulate and precise to droney and open. Endless options..."


Drew Wittler

1963 Gibson ES-330 in Cherry

Drew's Pick

"Some vintage guitars are hyped up based solely on the fact that they are just that: vintage. This '63 Gibson ES-330 is not one of those guitars. It is rare that I stumble upon a guitar that feels immediately comfortable to play (new or old), and makes me play better as a result - this is one of those guitars."


Marc Najjar

Sandberg Forty Eight "Chi Bird" Tobacco Burst Hardcore Aged

Marc's Pick

"We've been blown away by Sandberg's build quality and overall vibe right from the start, so much so that we helped design the newest model, the Forty-Eight. It's got a classic design with a modern feel and has a tonal range from classicly warm to modernly sparkly as well! The feel of this particular bass redefine's comfort with it's shape and broken-in feel. I truly have a hard time putting this down!"


David Azizamini

1972 Gibson Les Paul Signature Goldtop

David's Pick

"That very rare and special LP Goldtop you see once in a lifetime. Best neck I've ever played!"


If you were curious about what the staff at Chicago Music Exchange was into, there you have it! We've got plenty of gear to fall for. What's your pick this September? Check out our selection of recently arrived gear and share this month's favorite with us in the comments. Happy browsing!

Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch