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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We love all things gear here at Chicago Music Exchange. Although we know nothing could beat the gift of a vintage Strat, there are a ton of additional gifts that would bring a smile to any musicians' face. 

Here, we've put together a list of the particular gifts that would be perfect for the musicians, both beginners and seasoned vets, in your life. So, crack open your wallets and start reading.

Chicago Music Exchange Coffee Mugs $6.99 - $8.99

This mug can hold coffee. Everyone enjoys coffee.

Stocking-Sized Effects (Under $100)

Effects make the perfect stocking stuffers – if your stocking is big enough, at least. There are a handful of pint-sized pedals that you can gift the musician in your life for a pint-sized price.

From the TC Electronic Ditto Looper ($99.99) and the Electro-Harmonix Soul Food ($78.20) to the Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini ($79.99), each of these pedals is a compact and classic addition to the pedalboard.

Thinksound Headphones ($199.99)

Thinksound Headphones simply ooze quality and style. The headphones are beautifully constructed, made with handcrafted natural wood housing and memory foam ear pads. The Thinksound On1 Monitor Series Headphones boasts more accurate sound reproduction and a larger sound stage - a real treat for the audiophile in your life (or for yourself).

Not into headphones? Indulge in a pair of Thinksound earbuds ($79.99-$99.99) instead.

Straps + Strap Locks ($9.99-$169 + $3.95-$29.99)

Looking to make a statement onstage while increasing performability? A new strap can do just that. Whether you are looking to moon walk your way across the stage or brighten up your denim suit, a trusty guitar strap is the perfect fit for any gear lover.

Tambourines ($8.99 - $129)

Let's face it - every drummer needs a tambourine. And, well, we have a few.

If the drummer in your life is very particular, the Chicago Drum Exchange would be happy to help you sort through our sea of tambourines. Call us at 888-686-7872.

Mini Amps ($24.95 - $99.99)

A small, portable amp will fit perfectly under a Christmas tree. Though you can't expect them to sound like a $1,500 cab, these amps are easy to use, portable, and still offer good sound quality when used in the right environments - no gigging, though! We have an excellent selection of mini amps for under $100 and are happy to walk you through picking out the right one for your giftee.

Cutting Boards ($19.99)

Make your meal rock. This gift's for the musician with a culinary side to them.

For our Furry Friends ($25)

One of our favorite strap makers, Souldier, also makes incredible dog collars! Now, even our furry friends can show off their Souldier pride - and maybe even match your favorite strap.

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Chicago Music Exchange carries an assortment of extra stocking-stuffer sized treats. In addition to making some of the best handcrafted straps and dog collars this side of Chicago, Souldier also makes flasks ($22-25) and cuffs ($25-30).

We'd also recommend the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Experienced Guitar Pick Tin ($5.99) because we all know picks are impossible to keep track of, our logo sting winder ($1.99), or the Chicago Music Exchange Shot Glass 2-Pack ($8.99) if your giftee enjoys a quick shot or two before a performance.

Gift Cards

If all else fails, or (let's be honest) you're dealing with a bit of a diva, we can't recommend a Chicago Music Exchange gift card highly enough. Maybe we're a little biased, but you can't beat the gift of our Chicago Music Exchange selection. Nowhere else can you find vintage Gibson Les Pauls, an incredible selection of effects pedals, boutique amplifiers, and drum kits in a single location.

The holiday season is a time for giving, and we're happy to be here to help spread the cheer! In the comments section, let us know what gifts you're looking forward to, or purchasing, this holiday season.

Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch