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March 09, 2015

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Spencer Tweedy C&C Maple/Gum "Tweedy Blue" 3pc Drum Kit Demo

Spencer Tweedy is the drummer for the band Tweedy along with his father and Wilco front-man, Jeff Tweedy. Here, Spencer demos this beautiful C&C Maple/Gum 3pc Drum Kit in "Tweedy Blue", named after a drum kit that Tweedy had made for their Chicago studio a few years ago.

This drum kit's "Tweedy Blue" finish combined with the maple hoops on the kick drum give it a very cool robin's egg look. Spencer explains that he prefers C&C drum kits because they are some of the only kits still made by hand, like in the old days.


C&C Maple/Gum 12/14/20x12 3pc Drum Kit "Tweedy Blue" High Gloss Lacquer
Rack Tom 12x8
Floor Tom 14x14
Kick Drum 20x12


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Spencer Tweedy's band, Tweedy, released their debut album "Sukireae" in September of 2014. Download the album on iTunes or visit Spencer's website to learn more about his music.

Andrew Wittler
Andrew Wittler