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February 04, 2016

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Our Trip to the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville

Every month, we make a trip to Nashville and handpick the best of the best.

For over 20 years Gibson Custom has proudly been the torchbearer of, not only Gibson’s legacy, but also American craftsmanship and the value of human ingenuity. Among other accomplishments, the Gibson Custom Shop is well-known for recreating classic guitars, allowing lovers of gear and Gibson to come as close as possible to owning vintage Gibson without the vintage Gibson price tag. Check out the incredible experience we had at the Gibson Factory below:

There's no more fitting of a venue for the Gibson factory than Music City. At the factory, we were walked around to every step of the process - from the carving of the body shape to the final assembly and quality control. Pickup installation, the setting of the neck, buffing, spray finishing - it's incredible how much of the process is done by hand. We're honored to have the experience to visit and handpick Gibson Custom Shop gear once a month.

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It's that simple! Wondering what's next? Simply sit back and let these beautiful Gibson guitars find their way to you.

Aaron Ehinger
Aaron Ehinger