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September 05, 2016


Chicago Music Exchange visits Paul Reed Smith (PRS)


"Nothing like the smell of sawdust and shredding in the morning!" - not a quote that anyone would ever say, for any reason whatsoever. 

In case you weren't aware, Chicago Music Exchange takes guitars very seriously.  So serious in fact, we continually send our crew jet-setting across the globe to learn more about the guitars we love.

That is why last week a team of Chicago Music Exchange worker bees flew in to Stevensville, Maryland for some fresh crab cakes, and to meet the team behind PRS. We were given a hero's welcome, and shown the ins and outs of creating one of the best guitars in the world.  

Mike inspecting a freshly sanded double cutaway body


PRS takes the utmost care with every step of the build process, but nothing like the meticulous, obsessive detail they pay to wood selection.  

A lot of wood


PRS selects only the highest quality, most aesthetically attractive tone woods for their guitars.  Next time you hear a powerchord sustain for 12 minutes straight on a PRS S2, you'll know the reason why!

PRS guitar body

PRS bodies drying.  Can't you just hear the sustain?


The last step for these magnificent instruments is PRS's strict quality control room.  The standard of perfection PRS holds themselves to is second to none, releasing guitars only after they've passed a rigorous review process.  

Quality Control at PRS


We will miss our new friends at PRS and their workshop of insanely perfect guitars. Lucky for us, we can visit any time just by checking out our extensive collection of PRS guitars here at Chicago Music Exchange!

Brad Althouse
Brad Althouse