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September 16, 2016


CME counts down to Riot Fest

Ahhhhh, fall is in the air! The flocks of Canadian Geese are migrating south, the sometimes-Canadian gutter punks are migrating south of Diversey. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, people are gearing up for RIOT FEST!

Book-ending our glorious Chicago summer, Riot Fest is the definitive Rock Music Festival; complete with sweat-soaked weirdos, tripped-out stoners, pissed off cops and enough stale beer to drown a bison. If you’re a true music fan, and aren’t afraid of trudging through fields of muddy E.coli, boy you’re in for a treat!

Been a long time coming, but Smiths fans universally rejoiced when Morrissey confirmed/canceled/confirmed his appearance for Saturday night.  Even if you haven't got a stitch to wear, grab a bouquet of silk roses and get ready for some feels.  Morrissey is here!


Headlining this years festival is the complete MISFITS!  I mean ALL THE MISTFITS!  Seeing Doyle stomp around like a stormtrooper with hemorrhoids, while Danzig weaves a tapestry of evil that consumes every virgin soul for a 6 mile radius...AT THE SAME TIME: PRICELESS!


So put down the smart phone, change out of your pathetic Rolling Stones Walmart T-shirt, and get your Dad-ass down to Douglass Park pronto!  It's not too late, you can still rock out with the kids and be cool!  Eh, sorta.  Nevermind...


Brad Althouse
Brad Althouse