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June 28, 2016


Dvicio Visits Chicago Music Exchange

We at Chicago Music Exchange collectively squealed like a gaggle of school girls when the dudes from Spanish pop/rock quintet Dvicio paid us a visit. The teen heartthrobs have been making waves worldwide with the success of their live youtube performances, playing their tunes everywhere from the back of a moving station wagon to their own bathroom.

At CME we gave them a warm Chicago welcome, trying out the new Fender Custom Shops and discussing their live rig. Any language barrier we had quickly dissipated once the guys plugged in to some of the tube combos on the floor. When you’re chatting amp tone, vintage Les Pauls, or how awesome Dinkle’s doughnuts taste, we’re all speaking the same language!

Dvicio took home a smoking-hot white Fender Custom Shop Strat, and have plans to order a custom Gibson Les Paul down the road. Mil Gracias Dvicio! You melt our cold mid-western hearts with your radiant smiles and beautiful boy-band antics. Till we meet again!

Brad Althouse
Brad Althouse