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June 23, 2016


Summer NAMM 2016 Recap

Chicago Music Exchange searched the NAMM show floor for all the latest and greatest to bring home and share with the world! Here are some of our favorite picks from Summer NAMM 2016 in Nashville, TN.

Fender "Offset Series" Mustangs and Duo-Sonics

Fender Offset Series Mustang and Duo-Sonic guitars at Summer NAMM 2016

Ignored long enough, Mustang and Duo-Sonic fans rejoice as Fender introduced five new models in unique colors never seen before at the NAMM show here in Nashville. These "Offset Series" guitars will be released sometime this Fall. We love them, and you should too.

Gibson Montana Cutaway Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Montana cutaway acoustic guitars

Coming very soon in the new 2017 Gibson Montana acoustic guitar model lineup are cutaway versions of classic models like the J-45, J-15, and more. Reach a little bit higher.

Epiphone Masterbilt Century Series Guitars

Epiphone Masterbilt Century Series guitars

These guitars look the part, and they back it up with play-ability and outstanding quality. We haven't forgotten the rich history of Epiphone guitars, and we're sure this will help keep it fresh in your mind too.

Greer Black Fuzz & Super Hornet Octave Fuzz

Greer Amps Super Hornet Fuzz pedal and reissue Black Fuzz

One great new fuzz, and one classic beautifully reissued. The Super Hornet is a killer fuzz with a momentary octave footswitch with a smooth 2db boost for seamless transition. The 18th Anniversary Black Fuzz faithfully returns pick sensitive fuzz that got this whole thing started.

Supro Guitars

Supro guitars at Summer NAMM 2016

We can't say too much - mostly because we simply don't know - but we saw brand new Supro guitars being played at the booth. Stay tuned as we find out more, but if we know these guys right, the guitars will be done well and priced right.

Guild Thunderbird Electric Guitar

guild thunderbird guitar in sunburst

Vintage versions of the Thunderbird guitar just keep getting more and more expensive on, so we're all pretty happy to see a reissue announced by Guild guitars at the NAMM show today.

Boss CE-2W Chorus Waza Craft

Boss CE-2W Chorus Waza Craft pedal

They essentially invented the chorus effect pedal in 1976 with the CE-1, so it seems right that 40 years later they'd bring it back in classic Boss style, fitting incredible CE-2 sounds inside, all in one box. Available for pre-order right now.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen delay/reverb

Always bringing us pedals that you can take over the edge, the new Old Blood Noise Mondegreen is, simply put, a weird delay. We tweaked and found some beautiful and haunting reverb and shimmer delay sounds with 3 types of modulation for the wet signal.

JAM Pedals w/Custom Graphics by John Achenbach (The Simpsons)

JAM Pedals with custom graphics by John Achenbach, animator from the Simpsons

We have loved JAM for a long time, but never before have we seen anything quite like this. Simpsons animator John Achenbach got involved and created some of the coolest custom graphics on any pedal anywhere. Many of these will be available ONLY at Chicago Music Exchange.

Big Fat Snare Drum "Neck Tie" Cymbal Jingles

Big Fat Snare Drum Neck Tie jingles for cymbals

Consistently bringing great and usable performance tools to drummers, Big Fat Snare Drum has done it again with the "Neck Tie" jingles for cymbals. It's easy to control, wonderfully affordable, and brings an entirely new dimension to your kit.

Gator Transit Series Soft Cases

Gator Cases Transit Series soft cases for acoustic and electric guitars, and basses

We've always relied on Gator for great cases, but never before have we seen some style like this. Priced under $100, these "Transit Series" cases turned our eyes, and you'll find them at Chicago Music Exchange soon.

More updates to come from everything we discovered this year at Summer NAMM, so please watch our New Arrivals page as all the new products hit our store this Summer through the end of the year.

Dan Bordonaro
Dan Bordonaro