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CME Rig Review: Nick Cudone

I've been playing guitar for about 12 years now and for the majority of that time span I gigged with a giant half stack, three guitars, and a fairly large pedal board. In the past year, I've changed my tone, the amount of gear that I own, and the size of it. I play in a band called Carbon Tigers. Everything I do and own is because of it.

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CME Rig Review: Silas Mishler

Many of you are in pursuit of perfect tone­ because instead of success, riches, or a year supply of assorted jams and preserves, the only thing that fills that aching void in your soul is growling distortion, sparkling cleans, and sustain for days... or if you're me – the sound of a cement truck getting hit by a tornado.

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CME Rig Review: Matt Kashuda

My goal with my current rig is just to create a dynamic, articulate wall of sound, whether I am running it with a ton of fuzz or sparkling clean. The first part of my rig is the amplifiers.

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