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January 20, 2017

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The NAMM Show 2017 Report—Day 2

GUITARS OF NAMM: From top left, clockwise: Rock 'N' Roll Relics Thunders Bass, Talman Bass, Yamaha RevStar in Brushed Red, Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent guitar.

In case you haven't heard—and based on the social media buzz, we're sure you have...many times—The NAMM Show is officially in full swing. Needless to say, the gear offering is beyond impressive per usual—and we thought we’d give you a glimpse into the chaos. With lots of exciting products headed our way, here's the Day 2 showcase of some of our of favorites.

OUR FAVORITE DRUM PRODUCT: Killer Custom Kits from A&F

A&F Custom Kit

Drum shop manager Rob spared no time heading over to the A&F booth to rip it up on custom kits—and we’re getting this John Aldridge Engraved Raw Bass kit in to the shop soon! We thought we’d given you a close-up glance at these raw brass shells. We’re amped up to give this glorious four-piece kit a home soon.

EFFECTS PEDAL PICK: Electro-Harmonix Blurst Modulated Filter

Blurst Modulated Filter

Synth-inspired effects are on the rise for guitarists and bassists, and Electro-Harmonix wasted no time pulling out the stops on the Blurst Modulated Filter pedal. Inspired by the synthesizer effects of yesterday, this feature-packed filter uses an internal oscillator to control modulation, rather than simple playing dynamics. It not only boasts three modulation waveform shapes, but also three expression-pedal controls EXP modes for extra experimentation. Check out Electro-Harmonix’ official video on the pedal to see it in action!


DOD Pedal Board 

The obscure yet successfully boutique pedal builder of the ’70s returns with a bounty of stompboxes to the delight of vintage pedal enthusiasts everywhere. Prepare to treat yourself to the fruits of this newly resurrected pedal line with gems such as the Overdrive Preamp, Bifet Boost, Compressor 280, Looking Glass Overdrive and more. 



Fodera Imperial Series Guitar in Walnut

After you pry yourself away from this absolutely mesmerizing wood grain, you’ll probably realize that this a a Fodera you’re looking at—namely, a very spectacular-looking Imperial model with a one-piece Walnut body, special wooden-inlaid stop tailpiece and a thick-sounding set of Seymour Duncan Custom Humbuckers. For six-stringers in search of vintage-style tone with all the added extras of a high-performing, extremely beautiful specimen…you might be in for an exciting treat soon!



Hilary Brown
Hilary Brown