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Gallien-Krueger is a company that takes sound very seriously, making their bass amplifiers some of the best available. Gallien-Krueger, often referred to as 'GK', is a bass amplifier and speaker cabinet manufacturer, based out of Stockton, California. Started in 1969, they focused on transistors rather than tubes, which helped them gain attention for their unique building techniques. Once Gallien-Krueger shifted their focus to bass amplification, an icon was born.

In 1983, Gallien-Krueger launched the bass amplifier that would define the future of the company, namely the 800RB. The GK sound is defined by a dry "growl". Gallien-Krueger amps are powerful in both tone and look. With a wide range of size and sound, be sure to explore all the different options they offer. The diverse list of artists that use Gallien-Krueger attest for the quality of their gear, from Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith.