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Malekko Heavy Industry

Malekko Heavy Industry | Effects

Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation is a speciality guitar pedal and synthesizer module maker based out of Portland, Oregon. They proudly produce products made in the USA.

Malekko is co-owned by Josh Holley and Paul Barker. Barker is a former member of such bands as Ministry, The Blackouts, and many others. Along with this has come experience with recording, touring, and producing. All of that adds up to his ability to share his knowledge of using new and vintage gear, onstage and off, and what works best for musicians. Josh Holley has a passion and vision for synthesizers. His extreme knowledge on the subject helps him propel development toward the new frontiers of audio devices.

Together, these two sound enthusiasts promise to keep creating more modules, more visionary designs, and more hand-built custom pedals. Recognized all over the world, Malekko Heavy Industry has received praise from players and dealers alike for their exceptional products.