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Tube Amp Repair

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Amplifier Repair at Chicago Music Exchange

Here at Chicago Music Exchange, we offer world-class tube amplifier repair. Whether malfunctioning, in need of upgrades or modifications, or updating, we will make sure your amp is performing at its absolute best to be reliable and inspiring to play for years to come. See our list of available amplifier repair services and costs below or contact our amp repair technician to find out what amp services your instrument may require.

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Tube Amplifier Repair Price Guide

Repair Price Description
Amp Tune Up $100+ (+parts) Includes: going through entire amplifier; checking tubes, bias, wiring, voltages, solder joints, tube sockets, capacitors and resistors; cleaning tube sockets, jacks and pots, tightening of all screws and nuts.
Retube and Bias $50 Tubes are not included.
Replace Speaker $50
Cap Job $125+ Replacement and/or upgrade of all electrolytic capacitors.
Transformer Upgrade $75+ Power transformer, output transformer, and/or choke.
Amp Mods $50+

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