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Whenever one of our customers from around the world gives us a compliment, it makes our day. Here are some of them:

Chicago Music Exchange

Just want to say thanks for a job well done. Just received my order a few days ago, and I am nothing but happy with your service and attention to detail. It wasn't a $2000.00 purchase, but it was treated like one. You gave me a great price, checked the instrument out completely, packed it well, and even threw in some case candy. I bought from MF and Sweetwater and others, but you guys blew them out of the water. I will be back.

Edward H., New Jersey

Just wanted to let you know I had a positive experience obtaining a vintage series Martin D-18 (1984 D-18) recently from CME. I was concerned about buying an instrument sight unseen and half way across the country. Joel really helped out with a good honest knowledgeable description (no surprises when I got it) and helped seal the deal with quick courteous responses to my inquiries and some additional images. It’s helpful that you guys actually quality-check and play the instruments (from one musician to another). Careful packaging and quick shipment helped get it here safely. Proof’s in the pudding, as they say. Still getting used to this sahweeet mahog dread and definitely looking forward to exploring its mojo. So, thanks for putting this stuff out there at reasonable prices so guys like me can have a chance to find a gem.

John R., Arizona

If I could give them [CME] 10 stars, I would. Friends, these guys are pros and CARE about what they do, CARE about YOU, and CARE about the instruments. Example - my Tellie arrived, and I saw when I opened the case that it had gone through a COMPLETE 40-plus-point pre-sendoff inspection, and was personally signed off by one of their Master Technicians. Let's score big on accountability and integrity! The axe was ready to play. I even got the low-action on the strings I requested, and I'm talking no buzz or clumsiness on the strings. In short, they KNOW what they're doing, and from what I have experienced over the course of a few purchases, they not only have some of the best deals anywhere, but they take customer satisfaction seriously and to heart.

Ed P., Cypress, TX

This is my first purchase with CME, and it will not be my last since Chase was very great to work with and provided the best customer service I have ever experienced in any guitar store. Some stores only play lip service to customer service - to me, Chase and CME live it and provide a great store to visit and do business with! I want to thank you, Chase and everyone at CME for the great service - I will let others know to get their guitars from CME!

Bruce N., Lake Villa, IL

Hey Joel, the bass is just amazing, just as I expected it to be. Thanks once again for making that transaction happen. I have and will continue to tell my fellow musician friends about Chicago Music Exchange. Should I be in the market for more gear, I will most certainly be in touch. Thank you.

Dominic P., Ronkonkoma, NY

...I just want to thank the both of you for your great customer service, it was a real pleasure dealing with you guys! The guitar is great and I feel very fortunate to have found one. If in the future I need or want anything else, I will look no futher than you guys, and will recommend you highly to anyone I know who maybe looking for something as well. Thanks again! ( Who said you can't get no satisfaction? )

Lou B., Oakmont, PA

Just want to say thanks for a great experience today at CME. It started a day earlier with Joel over the phone - he was immediately courteous and informative and really engaged in the conversation. The best phone service I've ever received. I decided to take the drive down from Libertyville and was glad I did. Alex helped me, and he was just as courteous and informative in person as Joel was over the phone. I was a pain in the ass, trading in a bunch of "meh" pedals toward a Superbolt and a Supa Puss, but Alex always gave me his full attention and I never felt rushed. Just absolutely SUPERB service. Even the CME'ers who weren't attending to me directly were friendly and more than happy to share their opinions. Gear is everywhere, and you can get anything you want in a matter of minutes nowadays online. I will choose to give my business to CME from now on because, in a store where vintage amps litter the floor and desert-island guitars adorn the walls, people are made to feel like the most important things in the store. Thanks again, and keep up the great work..

Matt N.

I want to thank you folks for selling me the vintage Gibson Les Paul Acoustic guitar that is as superb as you represented it to be. I especially appreciated the care with which it was packaged for shipment and the handling that brought it to me quickly following my purchase. The extras you included were very much appreciated. I’ve purchased many vintage guitars from a wide assortment of sellers, both merchants and individuals. Your organization was the most professional and responsive of all. Five stars is not enough. Many thanks.

Vic S., PA

I had a silverface Fender Bandmaster that I wanted to blackface. I consulted with other amp techs who suggested a pretty hefty price to do it - more than the amp itself cost. Brian at CME did it at half the price, in almost no time, and it sounds absolutely incredible. On top of that, he took the time to open up the amp and show me in detail what changes he made.

Lawrence T., IL

I just wanted to write and thank you guys for an awesome online shopping experience. I recently ordered a new snare drum case from your store. Not only was your price the lowest online, but my order was processed very quickly and I received my item lightning fast. I ordered on a Sunday night and had it waiting on my doorstep on Tuesday afternoon. The product was just as advertised, and I love it. Give yourself a pat on the back! I'll be ordering from you again for sure. Keep up the good work :)

Brian P.

Thanks to Chicago Music Exchange - Extraordinary customer service and the best quality product. Special shout out to Dan Escauriza and everyone in the vintage department. I wouldn't deal with anyone else.

Charlie B., PA

My name is Bobby F. and I was in your store today to have my '74 Telecaster worked on. It was in need of a new bridge and a set up. I'm a pretty decent player and have my guitars worked on at all the top Chicagoland locations. Today however, was probably the best experience I've ever had at a repair shop. I was greeted in the shop by Phil, he was courteous knowledgable and enthusiastic about his work from start to finish. He put on a Calaham bridge and did a setup and adjusted the electronics. A superior job!!! My Tele has never played or sounded better. To often as I'm sure you are aware, customers complain about inadequate service, but rarely praise great service. That is why I am writing this letter, to let you know Phil did a great job and it should be acknowledged by his superiors.

Bobby F., IL

If you haven't purchased from this vendor before, you should consider CME as an add to your vendor list. I recently purchased a used Les Paul 2008 Standard gold top from them. I have NEVER purchased a guitar without playing it or seeing it first. Other accessories, sure all the time online. George handled my transaction, and he's a downright upright guy. He promised it had no issues and if it wasn't to my liking I could return it. Then, it arrives one day sooner than quoted. I think this is a keeper and nice addition to my Gibson family.Thanks George.

Mike, CA

These guys are truly amazing. I brought in a guitar that needed rewiring and they were more than willing to do it right then and there as i waited. I walked down to the repair shop to find Aryeh and the other tech playing guitar. They were excited to see my unique guitar come in and offered to do whatever i needed to make my guitar the best it could be. I will only go back to them for any guitar need. Thank you so much guys!

Repair Shop Customer

You guys are great! One of your guys offered me to play a REAL 1961 Gibson SG! It was such a good experience for me... I played a lot of great Guitars... Thanks! YOU GUYS ROCK!


I've spent a week or so with the 00DB Jeff Tweedy and had some friends play it as well so I can sit out front and listen. I must say this is one of the best playing and best sounding new Martins I've ever played at this price!! This thing is incredible, I love it!!

In fact one of the guys I play with, a big Martin guy for years, liked it so much he's planning on taking a drive up to your store on Wednesday to see if you have another one :) 

As always you have been honest and steered to a most excellent instrument. Thanks again.

Tim B., Hudson, IL

The Taylor guitar arrived yesterday, perfecty packed! Thanks! I gave the instrument 24 houres to warm up to room temperature - now it's up to me to switch on my amp and give the instrument a first test. This guitar looks really great!

Stefan K., Fleischwangen, DE

Hey, I just want to send a heartfelt thank you to the guys at Chicago Music Exchange. I recently purchased a Gretsch 6119SP, and I received it merely two days after I ordered it. The guitar arrived professionally packed, spotless, setup perfectly, and ready to be played after a quick tuning. Yeah, these guys sell guitars for 50 times the price of this one, but I doubt even those buyers are treated any better than I was. Customer service is a dying thing, but these guys provide it in spades. Thanks for everything guys!! I will be back for more, as my budget allows. Cheers!

Mark, Swansea, IL

Your website just blew me away, so incredibly glad to have stumbled upon your stuff, insane and beautiful. Can't describe my joy for this, glad I do lots of business in Chicago from my NY office. Next time I'm in town, I'm stopping by and hugging all you guys. Unreal. Thanks a billion!


The best music store on the planet (and I've been to most of them). Keep rockin'!


You guys gave me the best Christmas gift ever. I love my Catalina Airline a lot. So, thanks alot :) U GUYS ARE RAD!


I just wanted to say you guys are really killing it lately. The demos are great! Every time I'm in Chicago, I do my best to make it over. I look forward to supporting you guys in the coming years.


The Peterson is awesome man! And my replacement DL-4 is working like a charm; I have had the best experiences buying from you guys. I purchased an '81 Les Paul from you all a few years back; CME has always impressed me with the sheer number of amazing guitars and the service delivered. Thanks for making music shopping such a great experience!

Cam, St Joseph, MI

I am writing to show my appreciation for a great purchasing experience. I had just bought a new pedal and finally decided that was the final straw that required me to upgrade my pedal board. It was a rat's nest! I looked to Amazon and checked out the 7 available sellers who had the board I wanted. After reviewing the purchase and return policies of all of them, yours was the best. However, it appears your other policies are also superior. I ordered my item Wednesday with "standard" shipping, yet I found that the board had already been shipped on Thursday morning. Better yet, it was in my hands on Friday afternoon! The item arrived in immaculate condition. If that wasn't enough, the box was filled with "case candy", which put a smile on my face. This is far from my first online purchase of gear, but it was one of my most pleasant.

Needless to say, the board was laid out and in action by Friday night. It is only after all this that I realized I had been to your site many times before checking out your awesome vintage equipment! Thanks for a genuinely pleasant experience.

Ray, Chicago, IL

This is... the actual owner of the new Backpacker guitar - my husband just paid for it! (and forwarded your email to me) I am enjoying it. I sing with preschool kids, and while I love my other Martin with her beautiful voice, this one is so much easier to shlepp around. I am amazed at how good it sounds, given the odd shape and smaller body. The students at one of the preschools named my other guitar Rose and they decided that Rose is this one's mother, so naturally its name is Baby.


The best music store ever....!!! I have since moved away, but the Chicago Music Exchange sold me my most favorite acoustic guitar of all time... and they found a great home for my Gretsch that I regrettably sold... A true heaven for players and fans, and treasure haven for quality guitars.

Michael, Santa Cruz, CA

After seeing an ad for your store in a guitar magazine, I visited your store in 2012 while in Schaumburg for a chaplaincy conference. I took the train into town, and felt very welcome and comfortable at Chicago Music Exchange. Long story short, I have been practicing chord progressions on a cheap, beat-up classical guitar and have wanted an acoustic guitar for several years now. I have played this particular model guitar in a local guitar store, have felt drawn to it, but I have not wanted to actually buy a guitar from there. I thought my first guitar purchase (the classical I have been practicing on was a gift in 1994) would be best suited to come from you all. Maybe you will see me on stage one day, but let's be realistic, probably not.


Special thanks to Joel Bauman for making my first Jackson Ampworks purchase a more than thrilling process! Can't wait for its arrival!!!!


Just want to let you know my wife gave me the RIC 3000 bass and she is one wickedcoolnuclearbadassmofo dipped in Jesus juice and wiped down in lightning sauce Thanks Guys! She's a freakin beauty!! Merry Christmas

James M.

Wow, I wasn't expecting a follow up! Being a customer of Comcast, I'm definitely not used to that kind of service.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

The pedal has been great! Exactly what I was looking for. It's actually pretty diverse despite the "boss distortion" stigma these boxes tend to carry. I really like it and would recommend it.

Patrick O.

I love the Martin! I had been looking for a high quality acoustic/electric for a while and had never considered a Martin 000 until I was in the Exchange a couple of months ago. I knew I wanted it as soon as I picked it up. Since I got it, I haven't been able to put it down. Love the tone, action, and quality. I checked out the electronics, and amped up, the guitar is just as awesome.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

I was impressed with the store - tons of guitars, friendly laid back attitude, great website, etc.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

I want to mention that I appreciate your service..everything you said was exactly what took place...straight up and I like that. I will recommend you and the Exchange whenever I get a chance.

Jeff T., Pinckneyville, IL

The ES 175 that I bought from you is a jewel of a lifetime. It blows away anything I have ever played in terms of jazz and blues. It has this incredible "woody" and yet mellow tone along with and very strong brightness when I need it. I have been playing it constantly since I bought it. You guys are the best! I know you gave me a great deal, and if I ever need another vintage instrument, I will go straight to you and recommend you to anyone who asks.

William W., Oxnard, CA

Thank you, Brian Westfall, for getting my '65 Princeton Reverb in kick-ass surf-tone green out today! I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!


I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with Ryan's service today on the Instant Chat window. He walked me right through ordering my ZVex Lo Fi Junky. I have never heard of your site before, but I am very impressed and will be back as soon as I can scrounge together more money! I love pedals, but life as a college kid doesn't always provide me the money to get as many as I want. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you guys are doing a good job. Have a good week.

Teddy, D.C.

I'm writing you from Ottawa, Canada. My husband discovered your videos on YouTube for our five year old son, who has autism and is crazy about music. One of his biggest strengths is his musicianship; initially we thought he had inherited the family knack (many of us are professional musicians), but then it became clear it was something much more. He is now playing blues on the piano, and he takes guitar and drum lessons and is doing so well. Thanks for your amazing videos. We will be bringing him one day. It would be well worth the trek. Thanks for the amazing stuff you do - it has opened up another conversation piece with our son which is invaluable to us!

Tori, Ottawa, ON

Just wanted you to know I got my Hofner Shorty travel guitar Monday. It arrived in perfect condition, carefully packed. I was completely blown away when I saw quality control checklist, on such a relatively small purchase. I was stunned by your attention to detail. I've never experienced anything like it. Guitar plays great, very impressed with build quality, absolutely love it! A real screamer. thanks again!

Dan Z, Canton, GA

Matt, Thanks for the follow-up, you guys truely have a world class organization, great website, selection, customer service, and follow through! I did indeed receive the's really a great pedal...better than I expected. It adds a completely new and wonderful voice to my rig.


Thanks for getting in touch! I'm really happy about the pedals, the Fulltone stuff is really nice! Also I'm really falling in love with the JHS Pollinator I brought. That is hands down the best sounding Fuzz I've ever played!

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

Thank you very much for good service! And I'll definitely make sure to drop by next time I'm in Chicago, and also give you my warmest recommendation to friends :)

Emil B. Denmark

Joel et al, My old Martin copy parlor arrived today. It's in fine shape/no harm from the journey thanks to the careful packing job. It was a pleasure working with you all. My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend getaway in Chicago and, of course, the highlight was securing my beautiful little old parlor! Really appreciate all the time, attention, and patience we were afforded during our visit to your store. I couldn't be more pleased with my 39th/40th (my wife says it'll have to count for two years) birthday present to myself!


A big thanks for all your help with exporting to JCM800 20th anniversary head to Tasmania, Australia. I used to own one of these back in the 90's (I cant recall the serial number). I have regretted selling it for the last 15 years and decided that I wanted another one. I was unable to locate my old one so started searching the world for another one including posting on many forums and contacting every shop I could think of in Australia. That's when I found one for sale on your website. CME were professional, helpful and enthusiastic. I would not hesitate to purchase gear from CME in the future. Thanks heaps

Brad Australia

Dave, thank you again for tracking down that gold p-bass for me. My Adam Clayton obsession has reached a new high. After driving home last night to Michigan thru a blizzard I played literally all night. Amazing sound in those masterbuilt pickups. Now that I have that one, its time to start saving for that white 68 jazz bass u have that I have been drooling over for the last two years. Should Adam ever stop by CME again, please have him sign a p-bass pickguard for me, I would really appreciate it.

Matt S. Michigan

This guitar is just what Alex said it would be...and more. I couldn't be happier with it and the whole transaction with Chicago Music Exchange. - Thanks guys!


From start to finish, the buying experience via the CME was incredible. Alex was my man and responded quickly to my emails and answered any questions I had. A personal mic'd video was also made to demonstrate how the guitar sounded. Was the price steep? Yes it was but the CME provided me with confidence that I would love this guitar and it was well worth it because now I have a very playable and collectable vintage guitar. Great stuff guys and thanks again.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

Just received mine from a few months wait. I was actually shocked how great this box sounds! I have always loved mahogany smaller size 00, 000 size guitars (Like vintage Guild M-20's etc) but this DB really sings and sounds very resonate. Absolutely beautiful and very sweet sounding! Jeff and Woody did these right! They are worth the wait. Excellent quality all round, and couldn't be happier than buying from these guys. Dan is top notch. I'll be back! Thanks guys!

Adam S.

I just wanted to thank you for your kindness in doing business and for your communication. I was able to make it out to the Chicago Music Exchange last night and your fellow employees were very helpful and were thrilled to add my Modulus to the stores collection. I was also very impressed with the welcoming atmosphere and the immense collection of vintage instruments. Feel free to contact me if you need any further details about the Modulus.

Stephen R., Buffalo Grove, IL

Thanks to the instrument repair staff of Chicago Music Exchange for taking care of my bass. They made a new bone nut for it as well as doing a much needed setup on it. I will gladly recommend them for servicing or repairing your guitar, bass, etc.


It was great experience to visit Chicago Music Exchange and meet you. Such a nice ambience! Guitar is just great! (He) loves it and his teacher gave all his compliments (he rarely is so excited)! :-)

Edgars, Latvia

This was the first time I bought an instrument at the Chicago Music Exchange, and I must say, it was a superb experience. The set-up on the bass was great, and I found just what I was looking for. If I'm ever buying another bass, I will surely purchase it at your store. Thanks for all the help.

Nicholas L., Chicago, IL

I got my kit man! I receive my Gretsch on Monday, its a great kit and the color its make me travel 2 the 50's, the sound surprise me because its 2 loud and the bass drum its just perfect, thank u again 4 everything, i'm now like a kid with new toy on christmas day, you are the best Chicago!!! One love from P.R.!


My name is Leonard from Nanaimo B.C. Canada and recently bought my dream guitar from Chicago Music Exchange. I was extremely happy with the price and the service of getting it shipped to Nanaimo B.C. It's a 1999 Rickenbacker 360/12 and in wonderful shape. Plays beautifully. I dealt with Alex Chadwick and he was very helpful. I would recommend anyone looking for a musical instrument or gear related to check these guys out. They're awesome! Thanks guys.


I Always wanted to replace the first guitar I ever bought on 48th st. which was a new 1966 Telecaster for 135.00. I had to sell it 6 months later. Thanks to the CME I now have a great original replacement. Great job, Marc. It was everything you described.

Jay Jay French

I love Chicago Music Exchange, and not just because I recently bought my holy grail guitar there. There's that too, but I was very impressed by the way they allowed me to come to this huge decision, without hype or pressure. 'Oh - we got a lot of people sniffing this thing'...etc. You've heard it, but I didn't here it once from CME.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

I hemmed and hawed for a good couple of weeks cause I'd about given up hope on finding a late 50's Gibson Les Paul Special SIngle-cut TV Yellow that was both in playable condition and not priced pre-2008 vintage.

There was a great story behind this guitar - it was 'rescued' and brought back to great playable condition, by the team there at CME, and they sent me a link with that story with pics and a little background, which you want with a guitar this old, right? A true diamond in the rough find by them. And Alex, at CME must have read the vibes with me and this guitar because he was extremely patient and even after I told him I couldn't pull the trigger on it, and politely didn't seem too unsurprised when I called again about it 2 days later and finally bought it. In retrospect I could tell Alex, and one other guy who helped me get it shipped, maybe Daniel, both thought this was a very cool special guitar, but I was happy they let me reach that conclusion on my own. They are true professionals at Chicago Music Exchange, so thanks CME and Alex.

John B

I recently purchased a fender concert reverb from you a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with the amp and to thank you for shipping it out to me (amazing how fast it arrived). We spoke a few times on the phone and it was truly a pleasure to do business with everyone there.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

I will definitely be buying from your store in the near future. Hopefully next time I go out on tour I can check out the shop if we come through chicago.

Jonathan G., Oakland, NJ

I LOVE my d-28! You guys were just awesome! the looks of your videos, you are definitely the guy to talk to!! Just awesome vids! I am learning a lot about amps and pedals just by watching them! Right now I just have the lunchbox amp, but I'm thinking I'd love to upgrade and get some fun toys, too. I have been improving a lot and these amazing guitars do wonders for my motivation. CME is just fabulous, thanks again.

Melanie M., Chicago, IL

Thanks guys for our awesome 57 fender strat with its new home in Australia! You were brilliant to deal with the best music store eva!

Julie, Australia

Thanks for following up! The 58 is really somethin' special. It plays like a dream -- by far the best feeling guitar I've ever laid my hands on -- and sounds unbelievable. Plugging it through the Wampler overdrive, you can coax out a low end roar that's all its own. Really great stuff, man.

Vic S., Glendale, AZ

Purchasing the D-35 was easily the best decision I've made this year, and I have you to thank for your patience in letting me audition several candidates. I love the D-35. It would be hard for me to find any guitar that I like better for the money. For its sound quality and workmanship, it's the best acoustic on the planet--I agree with you. I never looked back after I got it home and started getting familiar with it--absolutely NO buyer's regret. It fits! This one will become a family heirloom. Quote me if you want!

Ward C., Chicago, IL

I love this place!!! I drove two hours from Indiana and bought three Rickenbackers here. A 360, 330, and a 4003 bass. All three Fireglow. The staff is always excellent when I come here. Seriously, everyone there was so helpful and courteous. I could die in that store and it would be alright with me.

Nick, Indiana

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. I bought a J 45 TV that was great but not me. I brought it back and found the Hiatt 45 that you had and fell in love. You guys put me in my own room with 4,5,6 guitars and let me go to town on these things until I was happy! I picked the Hiatt and could not be happier. I am now in San Antonio playing at a little gig tonight on the river walk with that guitar. You guys are great! Thanks again for all that you did to help.

John K., Mahomet, IL

I had been looking for a Les Paul Signature bass for quite some time- one of my favorite bassists Brad Jones had used one- and I used Patrick Sansone's on many tracks on Wilco's The Whole Love. Due to the fact that there were only 500 or so made, they weren't around like they used to be- none were coming up on Gbase or anywhere else. I contacted Dan Wean at CME and they found one in less than 24 hours! They seem to have an ear to the ground for pieces that aren't necessarily for sale yet... anyhow, if you're looking for those hard to find guitars, it's a natural place to start.

John Stirratt, Wilco/Autumn Defense

I just ordered a hand-painted ZVEX Box of Rock pedal which arrived today. I am very impressed! Not only was the shipping extremely fast, the box came with some extra 'goodies' such as a guitar pick, postcard for the shop and a sticker! I love the pedal but I've got to say kudos for going the extra mile and including the other items. It was a nice perk after a long day at work. The pick is going in my collection and the sticker is going up on the wall at my repair bench to join some others. Thanks again and I'm definitely going to purchase from you folks in the future!

Mike S., Fort Dodge, IA

I just dealt with Chicago Music Exchange for the first time and couldn't be more pleased. After waiting for a backorder from musicians friends for five months I canceled the order and ordered from Chicago Music Exchange. I recieved the item in 2 days. Chicago Music Exchange I will be back.

Dennis W., Downingtown, PA

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt and friendly customer service. That's important to me when I buy items online. I will be telling my friends about Chicago Music Exchange, and when I look to buy any music related items, I will be checking your site first.

Craig S., Grantville, PA

Daniel; I am pleased to let you know the 73 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop was a major hit. 100% success by any measure. The CME t-shirt happily worn right away. For some reason his amp is louder and played more frequently now. Love it.

Best regards and thanks again for your help on the purchase.

Shawn B., Devon, PA

Now that I've had my Strat back for a few days and have had a chance to reacquaint myself with it I realize what a fine job you did setting it up. My friend, it plays like a dream! It's spooky how well that guitar and I know each other. I almost forgot what a good guitarist I used to be! and once again am, now that I got my baby back! (I got my baby back, baby back...)
The lustre has come back to her finish better than I even dared hope. I am really pleased with the care that you took bringing her back to prime playing condition.

I was not wrong in trusting you to take delicate care of a very cherished instrument.

Again, thank you for a job well done. 

George - Chicago

I noticed that in the accessory compartment of my Bo Diddley case was a polishing cloth. I think that was pretty cool to include an extra like that. Granted it's not like it's made of gold but most other music retailers don't give you any sort of extras.

Thanks for the time you took to help me with my purchase.

James J., Warren, MI

I just received my 1962 Gibson ES 140T ¾ guitar. CME spent more than an hour with me over the phone, being my eyes, ears, and hands. They meticulously described this instrument to me, answering all of my “collector” questions, pointing out minor “flaws” on the guitar that most dealers would never see, let alone even mention to a customer. Thanks for the dedicated time you spent with your “fellow guitar brethren”, thanks for your unmistakable appreciation for fine vintage instruments, and thanks again for your personal touch in detailing my guitar before shipping.
I also need to give kudos to CME for the “over-the-top” packing job that they did to get my guitar ready for shipping. In my over 45+ years as a player/collector, I’ve had a whole lot of guitars shipped to me. I must admit that I have never seen any of my guitars packed with such meticulous detail (wow...the rosewood bridge was even removed and bubble wrapped separately!). Thanks CME, your "grand-slam" efforts are much appreciated.
Lastly, the “Quality Certification” included with the guitar was an unexpected bonus. Thanks to CME Master Technician!

Bottom line: My guitar purchase experience was top-notch, and the folks at Chicago Music Exchange have clearly exceeded my expectations!

PS....CME has been “Bookmarked” on my laptop, and their site will now be visited regularly. Thanks CME!

Ron , Lusby, MD

Your restoration experts have made me very happy. My 1966 Fender P Bass and 1971 Gibson J-50 were in mothballs for 20 years and now play like new again. Astonishing job.

Dana, Chicago, IL

I greatly appreciate the incredible customer care that I received from you at Chicago Music Exchange: taking the time to call and refund the shipping charge, making the shipment signature required, and even including the guitar pick and bumper sticker. You really care for your customers and I will definitely do business with you again in the future. Thanks for everything.

Glenn O., Bayonne, NJ

The Starfire arrived last night. It sounds amazing - better than I had even hoped for. Looks beautiful too! Thanks for all of your help - it's been a real pleasure dealing with you guys. I will have to stop by the store in person next time I'm in Chicago.

Dave A., New York, NY

We had a show at the Riviera and our Fender Rhodes quit. No one in town wanted to touch it. The guys at CME helped haul it in from the car, trouble shot a cold solder joint and it fired back up. Wow.

Matt M., Champaign, IL

A quick thank you for the outstanding customer service with my new Takamine. When I played it a few weeks back on a weekend trip to Chicago, I was as equally impressed with the facility and selection at CME as I was with the completely unpretentious vibe I encountered. A little shocked, actually, at the no pressure/play anything you want attitude (who does that anymore??). Allowing my family to hang out on couches and page through coffee-table books while I found my next acoustic made a tremendous first impression.

I'm proud to be part of the CME family and look forward to adding more to my collection over the years.
Thanks again to all for a fantastic experience. You guys are the best.

David P., Madison, WI

My Jazz Bass stopped working a few hours before our gig, so we brought it in. The staff was very knowledgable and repaired it on the spot in time for sound check. That's what keeps us coming back.

Mike G., Chicago, IL

I really like the way you guys run your business. I am a first-time buyer from CME, but will definitely use you again the the future and will recommend you to my friends, as well.

Blake S., Falls Church, VA

Alex Chadwick, the sales representative who helped me realize my longtime dream of owning my very own Rickenbacker Bass Guitar, is a phenomenal example of what an outstanding customer service team member should hope to become... Mr. Chadwick certainly knows how to please a customer, especially myself, because it is evident that he genuinely cares about pleasing the customer... Initially I thought that Mr. Chadwick worked on a commission because of his eagerness to sell me this bass at a reasonable price, but to my joyful surprise this was not the case... I am now certain that Chicago Music Exchange will be the first choice when and if I consider to buy another instrument.

Oscar C., Laredo, TX

Hi Daniel! Got the Bass!! It's amazing!!! Thanks for everything my friend! I'm saving some money to buy a Gibson ES very soon with you!!!

Fabio B., Brazil

The guys let me in early before business hours so that I could get my guitar repaired. You just don't see that kind of thing nowadays. Darryl was very knowledgable and set up my classical just right. He even got the pick up system working again at no charge. Impressive.

Dean A., Chicago, IL

The Chicago Music Exchange went way beyond the call of duty to make me happy. I almost feel a bit guilty... but more than that I feel grateful. This was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever experience in my life and I will definitely be giving them my business in the future. Two thumbs up for sure. You can trust this seller.

John A., Kilauea, HI

Thanks so much for the great service! Being a first time buyer from CME, I asked a lot of questions about shipping and packing. Just to let you know, I have never received a guitar so meticulously packed and cared for that your store provided. The Gibson V arrived flawless and in mint condition. Over the top service with the inspection sheet, polishing cloth, picks, and other goodies! Top notch company all the way around from my initial e-mails, phone conversations, and delivered product! Thanks again.

Todd T., Honey Grove, TX

...I just wanted to tell you I received the bass on Friday and it's everything and more than you said. I have played thousands of shows and the two sets I played on this bass on Saturday, I am not lying when I say I had goose bumps and the hair on my arms stood up the whole time I played it. It plays and sounds truly amazing. Again thanks so much for making the whole deal so easy. I have and will tell anyone I know that wants a vintage instrument to go to you're store. The next time I go to Chicago I will bring the bass by and have you guys give it the once over.

Mike D., Linden, MI

Just wanted to let you know that the Strat arrived and it's beautiful. The quality is great as Fender's always are, but I was really blown away by the high level of service you gave me. The Strat setup was right on, the t-shirt and magazines were a cool touch, and your communication throughout the long-distance sale were fast and professional. I'll definitely be ordering my next gear through you. Thanks a million!

Lyric R., Williston, ND

The guitar is just terrific... I think it just totally cool and am very pleased with the ease of purchase, the accuracy of the description of the guitar...

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

Thanks for this follow-up note, the great packing job and the ease of purchase and delivery - thanks for the USPS ship -very quick and very affordable and no COD surprises at the door.

Chicago Music Exchange Customer

Thanks Joel, it was a great first experience with you folks and I will come back when something shows up I like...

Ross D., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

I received the guitar and it is great. Just played it live the other day and it was exactly what I expected. Thank you very much for the perfect setup and the good package. Chicago music exchange rocks ;-)

Michael G., Kriens, Switzerland

Wanted to thank all of you who helped me out. I came in about a month ago with a limited budget to put a down payment on a spare guitar. At that time I was leaning toward a (Squier) classic vibe tele... but for me picking out a comfortable guitar that sounds nice is not a decision i like to make quickly. Anyway, after playing dozens of guitars, while taking hours of your staff's time and even though it is only a $400 dollar guitar you guys helped me out along the way. Now i know considering some of the high end clients like Brad Paisley who u guys said was in a few weeks ago, a $400 sale means little to you, but i sure wasn't treated like that. Your whole staff was awesome allowing me to take whatever time i needed plus your techs worked with me to make the guitar exactly to my specs. So, just wanted to tell you guys your all badass, and it as always was a pleasure.

Dan D., Chicago, IL

Customer service is a fading concept and I appreciate the level of concern you have with your customers at CME and I am very pleased with the purchase. I'm sure we'll have more business in the future. Your help on the phone was key though, I'm always uneasy about buying used guitars without calling and chatting with someone who knows a lick about anything.

Patrick L., San Diego, CA

I did receive the Gretsch today, and I have to say new guitar's don't come packed that well! Also they don't come with picks and wipe down cloths either! And it is as beautiful as you said it was, but I will have to wait a few more days to really be able to play it, my guitar guru has to swap the strings over for left handed play. The joy's of left handedness. Thanks again for the superb service, you guys created another customer!

Jeff M., Ridgecrest, CA

the guitar is here finally!!.....thank you very gorgeous! plays sounds better!......i'm very happy...thank you for the strings....and's a real beautiful piece......i'll make some pictures during this next weekend as promised........thanks again! YEAH!!

Alessandro P., Scandicci, Italy

I just want to thank you for the guitar, I got it today and it perfectly meets my expectation. No, actually it’s beyond, because it sounds incredible on my vintage amps (jc120 and early 70’s bassman 100.)

And I did not remember that a case was included, so it was another good surprise. I’m also happy I took your advice for the shipping. Last, the condition of the instrument is even better than expected and the check-list shows you’re taking your business seriously.

I’ve put the CME sticker on the case, and of course I’ll recommend you to the musicians I know!

Cyrille D., Phalsbourg, France

I recently purchased a 19XX Gibson EB3 via your Web site... I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. Between practice and a gig this past Saturday, I estimate I worked the EB3 for roughly seven hours in one day and it played and sounded beautifully the entire time. My bandmates commented on both how good it looked and sounded, and I couldn't be more pleased myself.

Guitar aside, I also want to commend you guys on providing an outstanding customer service experience. From the call to go over the shipping/return policy/condition of the guitar, to the pre-shipping quality checklist, to the super fast shipping, to the incredible packing job for the guitar itself, I was very impressed by your obvious care and dedication to doing right by your customers. I've heard good things about your business through the grapevine in the past, and now I know what all the fuss is about. Given the chance, I'll definitely be doing business with you again, and I'm looking forward to stopping by your store the next time I'm in Chicago. I'm also recommending the Chicago Music Exchange to all my musician friends.

Andrew F., Indianapolis, IN

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great service you all provide. The 62’ Jazz Bass Reissue I purchased arrived fast and in great condition...even the original tweed case was perfect! Thanks again to Dan W. for all of your patience and assistance, and also to Dave D. for the documentation and nice setup. Very happy with the entire transaction and I am hoping to purchase from you again in the future.

Tom S., Albany, NY

Just have to say, this thing is pristine. There's absolutely no flaws on it. Not even the slightest gap in the neck pocket - which is a nice change, and I notice you check for that too! Very cool! The action is perfect, and the neck is fast! Also LOVE the jumbo frets... wow. This has been an awesome experience for my first brand new guitar and that's owed to the quality of service there. I've been telling people left and right how great you guys are. You folks really exceeded my expectations! And thanks for the cloth and picks!!

Paul M., East Windsor, CT

I ended up getting the Angry Troll, but I went through trying a bunch before settling on that one. I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and being so nice and helpful. You guys let me try all the pedals I wanted until I found the one I wanted and even pulled down a Gibson '53 GT just upon hearing that I love P-90s. Also, thanks for just letting us hang out and jam with your gear, you guys have the greatest inventory! I just wanted to say thanks for everything, I really appreciate it and had a great time. I'll definitely be back next time I'm in Chicago!

Evan S., Los Angeles, CA

I have to say you have your business together! Inside the box I found a business card, pick & a sticker... it's good advertisement but, it says more about your customer service! I worked 30 years in new home customer warranty management & it took them that long to figure out their customers matter... a small token says more than ANYTHING!!! I've ordered so many things through the internet with barely any sign of someone actually on the other end... I will recommend your business to all my friends scattered across the country.

William S., Forked River, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for a great sales experience. My Fender ukulele arrived today and I'm thrilled!
I'm particularly impressed with the quality certification signed by Dave Ducasse. It's fantasy that you guys care enough about your products to individually inspect each instrument before it ships - speaks volume about your professional attitude and attention to detail. The uke arrived earlier than expected and the price was right.

Thanks again, I'll be using you in the future...

Arnie E., Fort Worth, TX

Thanks Brian, this is great ! iIm very happy. The thoughest will be to wait for the beast now. Thanks again for all your efforts.

Christophe G., La Réunion, France

I usually don't make it a point to send emails like this but I wanted to thank you again for all of you're help today. The strat and that Vox sound fantastic together. I haven't been this excited about gear in a LONG time. You were right the vox takes pedals like a champ, and those strings you suggested are awesome. The icing on the cake was having the tech (sorry forgot his name) float the bridge and do a quick setup, most places usually make you leave the the guitar which is the last thing you want to do when you drop $2000 bucks. I have to say this was the best expierence I have had making a guitar purchase ever and I have prob bought 20-25 guitars over the past 15 years. Show this to your boss, and angle for a raise....
See you in a few weeks when I get my tax refund

Doug P., Hainesville, IL

This is great news! You have been exceptionally nice in all of your correspondences and I greatly appreciate your focus on taking care of my order. Chicago Music Exchange will definitely be top of my list for future purchases and I'll be sure to share my positive experience with my friends. GREAT JOB!!

John B., Jackson, TN

Picked up the Gibson on Tuesday and couldn't be happier with the sound and the feel. what I was also very happy with was my entire CME experience. Polite and knowledgeable staff, top notch selection. Bullseyes all around.

James M., Ann Arbor, MI