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Silas Mishler

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Silas is an Indiana-born musician by way of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. A pedal fanatic and a worshipper of vintage Fender Amps, he doesn't love the tone unless it's over-fuzzed and reverb-drenched. When he isn't sprinting around Chicago Music Exchange, he can be found designing posters, booking shows, or playing with one of the three bands he plays in. Never without an absurd story or "Cheap-O" suggestion, Silas is your guy if you're shopping for a guitar on a budget. Find him on chat if you're looking for more details about that guitar you've had your eye on - he's probably had his eye on it, too.

Gear Profile

"I'm not a 'Gibson Style' guy. I'm not really a humbucker guy, either, but this guitar is unreal. The silver fox finish classy is hell and the pick ups sound amazing. Their growling roundness will actually knock the socks off your feet, so take off your shoes when you pick it up."


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    Many of you are in pursuit of perfect tone­ because instead of success, riches, or a year supply of assorted jams and preserves, the only thing that fills that aching void in your soul is growling distortion, sparkling cleans, and sustain for days. Read more »

Band Profile

Kinda Good

The blues comes about when you need it. We picked it up because it was what we could play. We had hearts, we were mad - but we didn't want to fight. So those three chords is where we began. In a bedroom, overlooking a cornfield, we hammered out what we had and covered with distortion what we didn't. We sang about what knew and what we wanted to know. Now we're in Chicago - a ways from our home.

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