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65 Amps 1x12 Extension Cabinet w/Celestion G12H30


SKU: 65A1X12REDG12

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65 Amps extension cabinets are perfectly matched to their heads and are available in a variety of finishes and speaker configurations. The cabinets use void-free Baltic Birch open-back cabs that are dovetail jointed. This a more expensive way to build cabs, but well worth it for the benefits of this type of construction. The cabinet, after all, is a part of your sound and any compromise in build quality is a compromise in toneÉ

Dovetail joinery has a couple of benefits ' one practical, one tonal:

  • Dovetail joints done properly give the cabinet much greater strength and longevity. All of the great amps from the '50s and '60s were properly joined, and that's why they're still around today sounding great. We want to keep our quality at that level or higher.
  • Proper joints also give the cabinet a crisper, more detailed sound. With the rigid, strong joints there is less waffling of the wood in the cab and the speakers sound more articulate and responsive.

The 1x12 cabinet fits the Lil Elvis or Tupelo head like a glove, or you can use it as an extension for your Little Elvis or Tupelo Combo.

  • Speakers: Celestion G12H30
  • Power: 30 Watts
  • Dimensions: 25" Long x 10" Deep x 19 '" Tall
  • Weight: 47lbs

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