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Alexander Pedals Princess Clang Royal Overdrive (The Pink Fund Limited Edition)



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The Princess Clang Royal Overdrive is a tweaked version of a pedal we built back in 2002. The original was a British-voiced overdrive with a single tone control and a "Brilliance" switch. We've added a two-band tone stack and a unique active midrange Contour control to help you sculpt your drive tone, and we've increased both the gain and output level of the pedal. The result is a versatile drive that covers overdrive, distortion, and clean boost territory while retaining its own unique character.

Level: Controls the output level of the pedal.
Drive: Adjusts the gain and distortion of the pedal.
Bass / Treble: Passive two-band tone stack, voiced like a British amplifier.
Contour: Active midrange filter, adds mids counterclockwise and scoops mids clockwise.

Bypass Switching:
Princess Clang features true bypass switching using a latching relay and a soft-touch bypass footswitch. Princess Clang will power on in either bypass mode or effect mode (useful if you are using the pedal with a remote bypass switching system.) Hold the footswitch at boot to toggle between bypass and effect startup modes. The pedal remembers your settings when the power is removed.

Power Supply:
Princess Clang requires a DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative. Princess Clang will operate on power supply voltages up to 18V and does not use a battery. Princess Clang should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply. Princess Clang requires approx. 20mA.

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