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Bare Knuckle PAT Pend '59 Slab Board Strat Single Coil Pickup Set Staggered RW/RP Parchment



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After the success of the Blackguard Tele Series it seemed logical to extend the concept and produce a collection of vintage correct Strat sets based on customer demand for coils from specific eras. The PAT Pend Series centres in on the two most requested periods of '59-'62 and '63-'65.

The introduction of a rosewood 'slab' fingerboard in 1959 is a milestone in Strat tone arguably producing a warmer tone than the earlier one piece maple necks. The '59 Slab Board coils are made with vintage correct black fibreboard flatwork, hand bevelled Alnico V magnets and scatter-wound by hand with 42AWG Heavy Formvar wire. The tone is hollow and woody with tight, punchy, bottom-end snap and crisp, clear highs. Both chording and single note playing is wonderfully percussive and the moderate vintage output is perfect for extra cut with a slab board neck.

  • Magnet - Vintage Stagger
  • Polarity - RW/RP
  • Colour - Parchment White
  • Zinc Plated Steel base - None
  • Aged Coils/Cover(s) - No

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